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Monday, May 2, 2016

5 Ways to Start Living Within Your Means...

It's Monday friends, which means I have a new video up on my channel for you all. Today we are chatting about living within your means. I recently gave a budgeting class on this very topic, so I thought I'd create a video where you and I could chat on this very same topic as well. 

Living within your means has been such a game changer for myself and my family. It has provided us with a strong financial foundation and has allowed us to be comfortable in our finances. Because we live below our means, we are not stressed about whether we will have enough money to pay all the bills and any extras that pop up. We are able to have money left after each pay period, have money for our emergency funds and savings, and are able to provide a little extra for our family as well.

Check out the video and let me know what tips and tricks you guys have for living within your means and stretching that budget. I also glean so much from you friends. 

Have a beautiful start to your week!

XO Danielle

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just 10 minutes of Church..

Last Sunday we were late again for church. Gaw! I'm really working on it friends, but man I can't seem to get myself together on Sunday mornings. I was doing good with my time, but then Hubby called. We chatted for a while about possible house listings and before I knew it we were running really behind. Lunch had to be made and I had to finish getting dressed. Thankfully my sweet red heads had gotten themselves dressed and were ready to go. Tummies just needed to be fed. We got to church right before sacrament ended.

We pulled into the parking lot and saw that it was half empty. It was weird and we weren't sure what was going on. Three wards use our church building, so there is always a lot of bustling about. Today was very different. As we walked the halls, we found it eerily quite. Where was everyone? Our ward was just finishing up the sacrament meeting and everyone was leaving. I asked a friend what was going on and was informed that Sunday classes had been canceled. There was an outbreak of hand, mouth, and foot disease in our church building, so everyone was going home. 

As we walked outside, ready to make our way home, I decided to snap a picture of my red heads. It had been a while since I had done a Sunday picture. Check out my boy's tie. It's Doctor Who! We are HUGE fans of Doctor Who and a bow tie to celebrate that was needed. Hubby and I ordered it for Keagan for Easter. I found it on Etsy.

My kids have showed no sign of the virus...thankfully. We're praying for the other kids who have been affected. We've never dealt with it before, but after an internet search about the symptoms my heart is going out to those mamas dealing with it. I hope all those babies have a quick recovery. 

XO Danielle 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Winco Produce Haul and Freezer Update....

Morning friends!! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your weekend. Hubby is here this weekend and we are making up for lost time. Lots of family activities are going to be shared and probably a few yummy treats as well. Daddy has a habit of bringing out the fun when he comes home. 

I wanted to quickly hop on here though and share my most recent grocery haul. We were running low on produce last we were completely we made a quick trip to Winco. We grabbed some produce for the rest of April and a few other staples to round out our menu plan. I also have an update on the progress of us eating out of our freezer. We made quite a little dent. It feels good to use up some of those freezer meals I've stocked our freezer with.

I've included our cost break down for the month. We ended up going to Costco twice in April. The first time was when I did a video haul and the second time was when we went and got some snacks for Hubby to bring back to Arizona with him.

$275.79 -- Costco
$67.06 -- Winco

$342.85 -- Total Spent in April 2016

Our monthly grocery budget is $600. With only spending $342.85 this month, we were able to save $257.15. That was money that we then moved into our savings account. This will be great to have saved up for after we move and we start stocking up on pantry essentials again. Is it weird that I am totally looking forward to stocking a new pantry? You could say I really love food storage :)

How did your grocery shopping go this month?

XO Danielle 

Friday, April 29, 2016

New Digs....

Morning friends! Have you all noticed the new digs around these parts? I spent last weekend completely revamping the ole' bog and youtube channel. Sometimes when things start to get dull and uninspiring, I find a little revamping is all I need to get the creative juices flowing again. I used some of my digital scrapbooking goodies and created a little bit of goodness using Picmonkey. I love creating stuff in there. It's free and so fun to use.

I have new banners and headers. I also have a new "keyword" section on this here blog. Find a topic, click, and boom you have all my posts under that topic (I'm still working on updating the keywords, but it's getting there). I figured that was a much easier way for me to keep things organized and not feel like I have to constantly update random pages on the blog. I was always very bad at that, so I needed to make a simple change to keep this mama's sanity.

I also have committed myself to blogging and filming more. It is truly something I love doing and something I feel called to do. I don't care about stats or numbers.....I just genuinely love to share and encourage. If my posts help just one person, than I feel I have done my job.

I've been filming a lot lately...the creativity has been there. I have a full page of ideas from all you lovelies and I CAN NOT wait to make more videos. I actually have the next two weeks of videos all ready for you. I decided that Monday and Thursdays could be days you could count on seeing a new video from me on my channel. I'm still messing with the idea of doing a Faithful Sundays vlog or something faith related. One of you readers suggested it and I've been letting it sit on my heart for a few days. It definitely sounds like something I'd be up for.

I love all the creativity vibes and encouragement you have been sending my way. It sure makes this mama's heart happy.

I also have felt very prompted to keep going with my journaling on here. This little blog is not just a place to share about living within your means and shopping on a budget, but a place to document my family's lives. My kids won't always be this fact they are growing day by day. I've asked them to slow down, but they aren't listening ;) I want to capture moments and have a record to share with them later.

I'm thankful for this new found drive and that God is working on my heart. I'm a masterpiece under construction...we all are. I'm just hoping that day by day, a little bit can be chipped off, so the gem underneath can shine through.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day! Never forget how truly amazing you are friends!!

XO Danielle 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughts From a Woman...

Today my heart is so full of love for all you that read my blog and watch my channel. Over the past few days you guys have been overwhelmingly kind in your words. I want to remember this feeling. I know that being a blogger/youtuber puts you out there for everyone to scrutinize and judge. For the most part I've had amazing experiences. Yes there's been some ugly in the past, but I always come back to you readers/ friends...... and I am greeted with open arms and sweet words. Today I simply wanted you to know how thankful I was.

I am thankful for every single comment, like, smiley face you leave me. They always seem to come at the exact moment I need them. Funny how God works that way right? He knows when we need that little push to keep on. He gives us those little pushes through friends, family, the written word, and sometimes through friends we've met her on the web.

Knowing that my videos or my posts have brought you any sliver of joy, totally warms my heart. Each day I ask God to work through me....allowing me to share the message he would want me to....It feels amazing to know he is reaching so many through my little piece of the web.

I believe as women, we are sometimes led to believe that we are not enough. That we don't know enough....that we're not pretty enough....thin enough.....funny name it. Satan is working hard friends. He wants to attack the family and he knows the best place to start is with mothers.

picture source

I'm here to remind you today that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Never forget that. I have days I doubt. I have days I second guess myself as a wife, a mother, a woman, a human being. It happens....but when I feel those ugly words...those words I hear in my mind that make me feel less.....I remind myself I am a daughter of a King. A King who loves me more than anyone on this Earth could ever love me. I have a Savior who knows my heart. He didn't just die for the mistakes I make in this life, but for every ounce of anguish, stress, and loneliness I feel. That's a big deal friends and is something that we need to remember. We're amazing. God broke the mold with each of us. We are individuals who are capable of so many amazing things.

So today is a post of randomness....

random notes of thankfulness....

random notes about my testimony....

random notes about love and joy.....

Today is a good day to be alive friends.

XO Danielle 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Life Updates & Questions Answered...

Today I'm hoping on my channel to answer your questions and share a few life updates. :)

XO Danielle

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finishing the Season...

Oh this sweet boy! I found this gem as I was searching through my pictures from March. This boy has been trying all sorts of new things this past year. He has really pushed himself out of his comfort zones. He is not a naturally athletic person, but he really wanted to try sports this year. He started with soccer. He had never played organized sports before and really had no experience playing even for fun. I told you sports were not really his thing right? He didn't let that stop him. He was a quick learner and was very determined to grasp the rules.

I love seeing my kids attempt something hard and continue on. There were days where he would get frustrated, seeing skills come much easier to other boys on the team. He never let that get in the way. He kept on and tried his very best. He was always the encourager, never letting that smile of his fade.

remember one soccer game in particular, where boys from the opposing team were cursing and calling names to Keagan and his teammates. As his teammates got annoyed with the words that were being thrown at them, my sweet boy encouraged them to ignore the words and believe in themselves. Moments like these make my heart so happy. 

Another sweet memory I have of his time playing soccer was during one of his practices. His team had to run laps because one of the players wasn't paying attention when the coach was talking. My Bubba jogged each and every lap without complaining. He wasn't the fact he was dead last, but when others complained it was too hard, he kept on. He jogged his little heart out and was able to prove to himself that he could do hard things.

He rounded out his adventure in sports with basketball. His one goal was to score a basket. He made many attempts, but to no avail. Finally in the last game of the season, he was up for a penalty shot. I had my toes crossed and my fingers. I wanted so bad for him to get a basket. His first attempt bounced off the rim. He had one more chance friends.....and guess what? He made it. That second attempt ended with nothing but net. I don't know if Hubby and I have ever cheered so loud. We loved seeing him accomplish something he had worked towards all season.

I am so thankfull for this sweet boy of mine and his beautiful heart. He really has a heart of a giant. He is my teddy benevolent encourager. God has big plans for this boy....I am sure of it.

XO Danielle

Monday, April 25, 2016

Galaxy Slime...

I'm playing a bit of catch here on the blog today. I was searching through pictures on my computer and found quite a few things from March, which I hadn't gotten up here on the blog. One of those things was when we made galaxy slime for science one day. I had my red heads search Pinterest for science and art inspiration. The kids were able to find quite a few pins to some amazing projects. They came up with things like this snake and this bird of paradise craft for art...oh and this solar oven for science. Lots of fun projects were pinned for us to do. You can check them out on my Homeschool Board. I'm really excited to start tackling some of these great projects with my kids.

The first project we decided to tackled was found by Keagan. It's actually a preschool activity, but my upper elementary aged kids found it to be so much fun. I honestly think kids just like to play with goo. It's in their DNA. Our first project was called galaxy slime. I pulled out all the ingredients and had them read over the directions themselves. I wanted them to be completely in charge of getting this project done. Mom was just there to supervise and provide assistance if needed. They were able to do this whole thing solo. 

For this project we needed liquid water colors. I didn't have any, so we made our own. It was really simple to make them. We followed the tutorial found over at Preschool Inspirations. It also helped us use up some of our old water color tablets. 

Once we had our water colors made, we got onto making our slime. I followed all the steps that Stephanie shared over at Two-Daloo. We took it slow and added lots of glitter. You can never have enough glitter right? At least that's Libby philosophy :)

Once the kids had their slime made, I let them have at it for a while. Lots of giggles were heard friends.

Galaxy Slime

1 bottle of Elmer's Clear School Glue
1/2-3/4 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch (I found ours at Wal-Mart)
Liquid Watercolors
Glitter (we should have used fine, but I didn't have any. I just used what we had on hand)

Place glue in a bowl. Next add glitter and water colors. Mix well. Next add in your starch very slowly. I poured the liquid starch into the empty glue bottle. This made it very easy for the kids to gradually add starch to their bowls of glue. Make sure to continue mixing your glue as you add your starch. Keep checking your mixture as you add your starch, so you reach the desired consistency. Once you've reached slime consistency, you're free to have fun and play with your galaxy slime.

Enjoy friends!! 

XO Danielle
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