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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Giving Back with UPS #WishesDelivered

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS
All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I wanted to hop on the ole' blog here and share a really cool way that UPS is giving back this holiday season. You may have seen me post the picture below a few weeks ago on instagram. Today I am going to share a little bit more about that post and how you to can make a wish via instagram or twitter to help raise money for charity! You can also load your wish straight to the #WishesDelivered site.

Giving Back with UPS #WishesDelivered

Right now UPS is running an awesome campaign. When you post to twitter or instagram with the hashtag #WishesDelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of their partner charities. They will be donating up to 100 thousand dollars total! Who knew our instagram posts would be able to do so much good?  

When I made my wish on instagram and twitter, I had been thinking about how thankful I was to get to be warm and toasty in my home. I know that there are many who are not able to experience this comfort. I made a wish that everyone would be able to be warm this holiday season. We all deserve a safe, warm place to lay our weary heads.

When you make your own wish, make sure that it is a selfless asking for a new iPhone 6 or those earrings you saw down at the store. All wishes should be selfless and meaningful, made on behalf of another person.

I hope you will all have a chance to share your holiday wishes this month. By sharing your wish, you'll easily be doing your part to help raise money for charity! Leave the links in the comments below or tag me, so I can see your wishes too. Let's inspire and encourage one another to do good and bring cheer to those we are around. This campaign ends December 31, 2014, so get your wishes in! :)

XO Danielle

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Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Earn Money From Blogging With

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA
All opinions are 100% mine.

How to Earn Money From Blogging With
Hi there Lovelies! Today I am really excited to share a little behind the scenes action of the blog. I get asked often about how to earn money from a blog. I've answered this a lot individually, but have teamed up with to share with you how I am able to earn a little bit of money from this little piece of the web I call my blog.

When I first started out my blog, it was never with the intention to earn money. It was something I did for me. I was going through lot of changes in my life. We were learning how to live on a budget and I was beginning to focus my life in a completely different direction. Writing a blog allowed me to journal that process and have a creative outlet at the same time. Over time I realized that people were actually reading my blog. What! People actually cared what I had to say. It was strange and exiting all at the same time. This gave me the motivation to continue stretching myself and learning new things, so I could then share it with you. As my blog grew, I realized that this little hobby of mine, could actually become a job. I love frugal living and I feel so lucky to be able to share that with other people. I remember my parents always saying you should find a job you love and do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a writer, blogger, and youtube maker, but I am and I absolutely love it!

About a year ago, I decided to get serious about this blog thing. I wanted to make this my part-time job, in addition to the other job I love - wife/mother-. I even wrote about it here. This blog takes up a lot of my time. I spend about four hours a day working behind the scenes on this blog. Because it requires a bit of time, I wanted to be able to find a way to earn money for all the time I was putting into this love of mine. This is where IZEA came into play. I found IZEA through a blog search and decided to try it out. IZEA connects creators who blog, tweet and post with leading brands who sponsor them. Those brands receive influential content and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness. Creators are compensated for their participation and partnership. Compensation varies, depending on your stats for social media and your blog. 

Over the past year that I have been using, I have been able to monetize various posts on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With IZEA you can bid or decline on various brands, so you are only working with the companies that fit with your blog. Because I am always in the frugal mind set, I am thankful I am able to work with companies, who have similar interests. There are always things to share with you and new topics to be discussed. The people at IZEA are great to work with as well. They help you through each campaign and are there for tips when ever you need them. I love how personable they all are. Can you tell I have nothing but good things to say? I've had a great experience working with them. 

Their site is easy to navigate as well. I write in blogger and am easily able to write up my posts in IZEA for approval and then copy and paste them into blogger. I am a busy stay at home Mom, so simple is the only language I speak :)

No matter the size of your blog, you can sign up with IZEA and earn some money for the content that you share. Check out to see how you can start earning, for what you post on your blog and social media. This year my blog money was able to completely pay for Christmas gifts for that family of mine. What a blessing that was to our little brood! 

Check out to see how you can start earning money for you own little piece of the web!

XO Danielle

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five Ways to Stretch Your Dollar When Holiday Shopping #ChaseHolidays

Five Ways to Stretch Your Dollar When Holiday Shopping #ChaseHolidays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards
All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I have the opportunity to team up with Chase Ultimate Rewards, to share another tip on stretching your dollar this holiday season. I am all about sharing different ways we can all save and stretch our budgets. We are all at different places in life, with different income levels and budgets. I want to be able to give you many tips and tricks to help you in whatever season you are in. I haven't talked a lot about credit cards here on the blog, but I am excited to share a bit today. We all know there was a time when I had to stay clear of credit cards. Now I am in a better place. I have acquired that self-control and have since learned how to make the credit cards work for me, instead of the debt owning me. We use credit cards for emergencies only, or when I know I have the cash to cover them. For example, we have a few bills that are paid with our credit cards, but are paid off at the end of each month. We do this to allow our credit to continually build. This Christmas, we had saved $300 for Christmas shopping for the littles. I had my money set aside and decided to get our shopping done with time to spare. We were able to combine sales and our points that we accrued with our credit card that has Chase Ultimate Rewards to maximize our Christmas shopping budget.

Ultimate Rewards, which is available to  - Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cardholders, is a program that lets you earn points whenever you spend. You can earn points to redeem for your choice of rewards including travel, merchandise, gift cards, and even cash back. You can also receive other perks like VIP access at concerts and travel on any flight (without blackout dates or restrictions)

Ultimate Rewards allows your credit card to work for you. You can stretch your dollars during the holiday shopping season by either redeeming rewards for holiday gifts for loved ones or using your rewards credit card, so you earn points while shopping. We were able to take advantage of these benefits this holiday season. We have a Chase credit card with Ultimate Rewards and were able to do all of our Christmas shopping online, using our card. We were able to shop for sales, accumulate rewards, and stretch our holiday budget this season. We also made sure that we had cash to cover our purchases, so we could pay off our spending at the end of the month. Being smart with our shopping and spending, allowed us to make our budget work. I have compiled five quick tips to help you stretch your dollars this holiday season.

1) Set a Budget- It is the foundation of all spending. We must know how much we can spend, so we don't go overboard. Decide as a family how much you will spend. If you are going to use your credit card's rewards program, make sure you will have enough cash to cover whatever you spend. Set a budget and stick to it! 

2) Shop the Sales- By shopping sales and comparing prices, you can find the best possible deal for whatever item you are looking for. We did the majority of our Christmas shopping online. Some stores offer discounted prices for shopping online. 

3) Use Coupons- There are so many coupons and money saving apps out there, which can help you stretch your dollars. Combining coupons with a sale will maximize your savings!

4) Know the Rewards- Know what rewards you are eligible for, if you are using a credit card to purchase items. For example, if you travel a lot, take advantage of accumulating points for travel. You can buy the stuff you would normally buy, while racking up points at the same time.

5) Be Smart With Your Spending- When you are using a credit card to purchase your gifts this season, make sure that you have the cash to cover it. You do not want to rack up a hefty credit card bill, just to reap the rewards. That wouldn't be saving you in the long run. Having the cash to cover your purchases, means you can take advantage of your credit card's perks, while staying out of debt as well! Win! Win! We did this exact thing this year and it was great! We shopped, racked up some rewards, and paid it all off within a few weeks time.

Check out - to see what benefits you can start taking advantage of this month. Be smart and make sure that everything you buy fits within your budget. Shopping responsibly will allow you to save money and stay out of  debt this holiday season, allowing you to start the year off right!

XO Danielle

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DIY Southern Christmas Mantel

Hello to all you wonderful "Blissful And Domestic readers! I am so excited to be here with y'all today sharing my Southern Christmas Mantel. This fall, I brought lots of natural elements in from the outside to decorate and I really wanted to continue that theme through the Christmas season too.

Lately, I've been crushing on antlers like crazy, and my husband being the sweetheart that he is, has been collecting them and surprising me with new ones. Then while on Pinterest, it gets me every time, I saw a photo of a deer mounted over the fireplace, and I knew that we really needed one of those! Sweet hubby to the rescue, he found one of those too! Boy, I was smiling BIG time!

Now because I'm not a totally rustic kind of girl, I had to decorate him up a little, so I made him a pom pom garland to warm him up a bit, saw that on Pinterest too-ha! Check out my pom pom tutorial here and you can make your own, easy-peasy. Threw in a handmade book page tree , a lantern, a pine cone garland, another pom pom garland, hand-made burlap stockings from last year and LOTS of fresh greenery and, ta-da, all done.

Thank y'all so much today for joining me here at Danielle's place. It's always so much fun to come and hang out with y'all for a while. Happy December Everyone and Merry Christmas from The Little Farm Diary!

XO Amy - Find more from me on my blog!

How to Determine Your Own Personal Style...

How to Determine Your Own Personal Style...

We all have a personal style, whether we know it or not. Some of us are girly, others are edgy. Knowing your personal style can save you a lot of money in the long run because you have a vision for the items you want to purchase. Before I knew my personal style, I had a bad case of "thrifters itch" where I picked up anything and everything I deemed cute. This made my closet cluttered and my wallet empty! Not an ideal situation!

Figuring out what your personal style is doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few of my tips for finding your personal style.

Think About Who Inspires You

Think about what ladies, celebrities, and public figures inspire you. Maybe you admire Princess Kate's simple, elegant style or maybe you are a fan of Taylor Swift's girly ensembles. Chances are what looks you are obsessed with is the type of style that should be in your closet.

Make A Vision Board

Making a vision board gives you a visual reminder of your style. It's something you can easily refer back to before shopping. My vision board is Pinterest. I browse through the "Women's Style" section and pin anything that catches my eye. If you aren't sure what to call your style, refer back to this board! I found that my style was more classic, judging by the pieces that I had pinned.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you see a certain trend that catches your eye, go for it! It just might end up being a part of your personal style. A good way to ease yourself into a trend is to buy an accent piece in that style. A good example would be a certain pattern or color. If you get that pattern or color in a small dose, such as a scarf or nail polish, you can try out the trend without wasting money if it's not for you.

Customize It

Chances are, you fall into more than one style category. Don't be afraid to embrace boho-chic or edgy-girly if that is you! Another way to customize your look is to have something that is totally you. Make your look completely your own with a signature piece, such as an item of jewelry or a certain style of purse.

Most of all, have fun determining your personal style!

XO Cate - Find more from me on my blog!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Today I have a quick round up of DIY gift ideas for you lovelies. Going homemade is a great way to save money and give personalized gifts. I hope this roundup gives you a bit of inspiration for some last minute gifts:) 

 photo DIYSharpieDesignedPlate7_zps7b4f42c8.jpg

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Hello lovelies! Today we have a guest post from the always lovely Jamie. Jamie is an Interior Designer who is sharing a few simple ways to creatively display your holiday cards this season:)

What do you do with all those beautiful and thoughtful Christmas cards you receive?? I used to
place them on the mantle, or tape them to the wall. But that can get a little boring. So I have
come up with three creative an inexpensive ways for you!

This first idea is completely free. This is how I displayed my cards last year. 

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

All I did was insert the cards behind the mullions and muntins. There were a couple of problems
with this. For one, when you get a large amount of cards, you can't see out the window anymore.
But the biggest problem is that they would slide down every time we opened the door. I
could have just used some double stick tape to remedy that. But why do things the easy way? The next idea is probably my favorite. I had this beautiful mirror in a white ornate frame. Unfortunately
the mirror broke, but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the frame.

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Perfect for a Christmas card display! I found some twine that I had leftover from a yard project
last spring. I just wrapped it around the some little tacks that I attached on the back of the
frame. Then I used little clothes pins to fasten the cards to the twine. In full disclosure I have to
admit I bought these cute little clothes pins. I know I have some from a craft project I did for my
son’s graduation party decorations, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!! So I went to the store to
pick up the exact same ones, but I found these little red glitter ones and I couldn’t resist!!

When using a frame you can hang it on the wall, or lean it against the wall like I did here. I think
I like this second option better. 

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

My third idea is fairly simple and with only found objects (well minus the clothes pins again:)
All I did here was wrap some ribbon around a door. This door is in the foyer, so guests will see
all the cards when they first enter. I used this ribbon as garland on my Christmas tree last year.
Instead of using clothes pins like I did, you could use paper clips. That might help with the
weight issue I was having. You can see the horizontal ribbon is sagging little in the middle. Or
another idea would be to string a smaller ribbon through the cards. Just punch a little hole at
the top and put the ribbon through.

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

How do you display your Christmas cards???

Happy Holidays!

XO Jamie - Check me out on my blog!

"It is Christmas" 8x10 FREE Print...

Hi there, I’m Kym. I’m a wife, mom to two little boys, knitter, crafter, and lover of 90’s pop culture.
When it comes to decorating for Christmas, my husband and kids are in charge of putting the ornaments all around the house (they do a really good job!) and I am in charge of making the ornaments. Between you and me, if you let me loose in the holiday section of Target with an unlimited amount of money, I’d probably leave with one of everything, and possibly two. I LOVE their colorful, non- traditional decoration, especially when they have a fun, modern flair. But since I don’t have unlimited funds, I started making my own the past few years, and I enjoy the challenge of making the most impact at the lowest cost.
Last year, I made a few Anthropologie-inspired felt garlands out of a mix of bright, crazy colors for about $10. I really liked how festive they looked when draped around the house. We have these old fashioned pencil Santas that my mother-in-law gave us years ago, and we hung the garland right under them on the fireplace mantle. The combination of old and new styles made for a really fun mix.
This year, I decided the mantle also needed some art, so I created this print and I’m really excited to share it with you. I found the quote, “It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you,” and thought it was perfect. I emphasized the words “love others” as that’s the message I try to teach my boys every day.
Now, I used a very basic white wood frame without any kind of mat, because I was going for simple and modern. However, by changing the frame style/ color or adding a mat, you could make some really lovely custom looks. One option is using patterned scrapbook paper as the mat in coordinating colors (use a small pattern, as a small area can’t accommodate a large pattern). Another option would be using a metallic frame. I usually find low cost frames at Michael’s (there are almost always weekly coupons online or in the paper) or I spray paint frames I harvest from garage store paintings.
For best results, be sure to print the file on best quality, and use a good quality paper or photo paper. I hope you love the print!
Download 8x10 HERE
You can connect with me on my blog, Cobberson & Company, where I write about my DIY projects, the highs and lows of being a crafter, and trying to find time to be creative as a working mom.
XO Kym
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