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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Baby Tallia's three month update...

Alright so technically she's almost four months...but I still haven't posted her three month update. It totally slipped my mind. I blame it on mom brain ::wink wink::

This past month brought lots of new "tricks", as we call them around here, for Miss Tallia. She has found her hands and can't get enough. They're her favorite new toy. She has become very vocal, which we all get a kick out of. Her little squeals are my absolute favorite.

One night hubby and I were watching a show in the bedroom. Tallia was asleep in the bassinet. All of a sudden we heard a huge squeal. We thought she had woke up, but when we checked she was sound asleep. I'm not sure what she was dreaming about, but it must have been good.

We're still struggling with naps, but she still rocks it at night. She goes to sleep around 9:00 pm and sleeps till around 8 am. She usually only gets up once during the night for a feeding.

She's a great nurser, but is starting to get distracted by stuff around her. Sometimes she bites down when she's nursing. That doesn't feel to good. I've noticed she does it if I'm focused on something my phone.

She's been getting better on the fussy front too. I feel like our colicky, fussy days are leaving us. She sometimes gets worked up, but we've been able to rock her and she'll calm down. I'm still keeping sugar out of my diet as much as I can. That seems to be helping keep her happy as well.

Whether she's a big stinker who won't take a nap or my cuddle bug at night, we've found so much joy in having this sweet girl in our family. Time is sure flying. She has her four month check up next week. I can't wait to see how much she weighs. I'll try to share that update soon....ya know before she's almost five months ::smile::

XO Danielle

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So many emotions...

Oh the emotions of a four month old....they go from happy to sad in a minute flat. 

This morning my little beauty's emotions were all over the place. While at the older kids homeschool PE class she had what we call a "baby tantrum". It's a result of a super tired, very hungry baby, who is having trouble being distracted by everything around her. I ended up feeding her in the quiet of the car. It took about twenty minutes to calm her down, but eventually she ate and slept.

Tallia is my most sensitive baby. She likes to nurse in quiet (quite a challenge with two older siblings), she is very sensitive to everything I eat (I wonder how she'll do with solids in a few months?), and she loves to be snuggled (which I absolutely love). This girl definitely brings a few challenges....just like any new baby does, but she's a lot of fun. We love our squish!

XO Danielle

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


"I have so many things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my husband. He's my best friend and I can't imagine life without him. I'm thankful for my children. Being a mother is everything I've ever wanted. I'm thankful for this country we live in, where we can freely meet together as a congregation and worship our Lord. I'm thankful for this time of year, to remember. never a little baby..born in a staple changed our world. No matter what you have been asked to endure, I pray you take a moment to look for God's hand. He is there. I promise you he is. He is Guiding you and lifting you. He knows our hearts. He knows the good and the bad. I promise that He has a limitless love for each and everyone of us. I'm thankful for this gospel and for the joy it brings into my life. I'm thankful for a savior who knows me by name and the knowledge i have in knowing I'm a daughter of a king."

Jason and I talked in church this past Sunday. Our topic was gratitude. I was so stinkin' nervous. Standing up at the pulpit to talk is not my idea of a good time. I was also worried about how my fussy baby would handle mama not being there in the pew the whole time. Thankfully all went well. Jason used his magic touch and got Tallia to fall asleep. He even got her to take a pacifier, which is a BIG deal. That girl hates usually she gags if you try to give her one. I was so happy that she was able to nap, while Hubby and I tag teamed holding her and giving our talks.

Afterwards we posed outside for a few photos. I was very happy to be able to get another family photo after church. I declared to my family that this will become a more regular occurrence. Hubby said he didn't mind as long as I made time for pictures on Sunday. He seems to think I have a habit of running late on the Sabbath ::wink wink:: I told him I would try harder to be on time because I really like pictures before church and a family pic every once in a while afterwards. I love this sweet family of mine.

above is an excerpt from my talk

XO Danielle

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DIY Instant Oatmeal Packets...

Oh my gosh friends...I am celebrating right now. Tallia is taking a nap and she's been sleeping for over an hour. Guys this is monumental! She hasn't napped during the day all week long. My Momma sanity was definitely needing her to take a nap. I was loving all the extra snuggles, but I knew my cranky baby needed to sleep desperately. I laid down with her and snuck away once she was sleep. It seems to be doing the trick. We both got to snuggle and then she gets to rest, while mama gets some stuff done around the house. I feel like I talk about her naps a lot here, but that is just where we are at. All of your encouraging ideas and comments have really been helping, so thank you so much.

Now onto the real reason I am posting. I finally filmed, edited, and uploaded my tutorial for making your own instant oatmeal packets. I've been buying the ones from the store for like ever, but have always wanted to try my hand at making my own. Recently I purchased the book, Little House Living on Amazon. It is so dang good guys! It is chock full of recipes for all those items we typically buy at the store...rice mixes, seasoning packets, sauces, etc. I'm really excited to try them all out and then share them with you.

To start off I wanted to try something easy peasy, which is why I chose the oatmeal packets. They took less than five minutes to make. I did this all (including filming) during one of Tallia's fifteen minute naps.

To make your oatmeal packets you need quick cooking oats, brown sugar, and powdered milk. Oh and some small ziplock bags as well.

Single Serve Packet

1/2 cup quick cooking oats
2 tsp powdered milk
1 tbl brown sugar

In a small bow, mix all ingredients together until well combined. Place in a snack size baggie for a quick grab and go meal or snack. We love these for breakfast.

When you are ready to prepare, simply pour your oatmeal packet into a bowl and add 3/4 cup hot water. Stir well. Add dried fruit or peanut butter for added flavor.

Bulk Instant Oatmeal (I did a double batch of these in the video)
5 cups quick cooking oats
1/2 cup powdered milk
2/3 cup brown sugar

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and pour into a container to store. You can also store in single serve baggies. That's what I did. When you're ready to eat, mix 1/2 cup oatmeal with 3/4 cup hot water. Stir and add any extras you want.

Oatmeal Add Ins
dried fruit
cinnamon and raisins
powdered peanut butter or regular peanut butter
dried bananas and walnuts
dried apple and cinnamon
chocolate chips
hot chocolate mix, using hot chocolate instead of water
graham crackers


XO Danielle

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vlog #1- No Naps and a lot of bees - 11/5/16

Afternoon lovelies! Last night I was working on my scrapbook for 2015. I really want to get it finished by Christmas. As I was creating my pages, I would look up the different events on the blog to see what I had written. It was so neat to look back to our family vacation to Los Angeles, homeschool field trips, and when my not so little Libby got baptized. I love having these days journaled. It made it really easy to have the details already written as I created pages. 

This reminded me again of how important blogging is to me...not just to share frugal living ideas, but to document our lives. Lately I have had vlogging on my heart. I kept pushing it aside, but that feeling kept coming back. I Finally realized that if it keeps coming back to me, it may be something the Lord wants me to do. I've started filming us. Not daily, but often. I have a few daily vlogs ready to be edited and I plan to continue filming more. How cool it will be to look back next year and see how far we've come in this journaling process. 

I'll include the dates on each video. You can see this one is from a few weeks ago. It was a typical lazy Saturday. We spent our time hanging around the house and enjoying the slow. I hope you enjoy the video and if you're not already, subscribe to my channel. That way you won't miss out on any of the fun :)

XO Danielle

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A fussy baby....

Baby girl has got to be my most high maintenance, fussy baby yet. She struggles with napping (but we're getting better). She had what I think was collic for the first 3 months after she was born. There's a list of foods I can't eat because they hurt her little tummy and baby girl wants to be held all the time. Oh and she can't stand the car not even a little bit.

A friend asked me recently if I minded having a fussy baby and this was my reply....


I don't mind at all.

Yes she struggles with napping, but hey she's only three months old. She's still learning and I'm learning how to help her. We're in this together.

Yes she cried most evenings during those first few months. Once 5 o'clock came around, I firmly planted my bum on the couch and would nurse or rock her. That was what helped her the most. I got a lot of cuddle time in.

Yes I have a list of foods I can't eat, most of them being sugar related and that's ok. She's helping me stay healthy. I want to give her the best I can. I know that nursing is a gift not every mama is able to have. I'm thankful I get to provide my little sweet pea with all the nourishment she needs.

And yes she still loves to be held all of the time, but I don't blame her. For nine months she was safely cuddled in the womb. She needed that same love and comfort on the other side. I prayed for years to get to hold another sweet babe. I would kneel and weep. I cried for the baby that miscarriage took away too soon and I cried for the dream of being able to add more babies to our brood.

I've waited so long to snuggle this sweet babe, I certainly never mind when she wants to be held. Yes it means other plans go on the back burner. Yes it meant waiting months to dye my hair, spending some days in yoga pants because she wouldn't let me put her down to get changed, not planning stuff in the evening, or missing out on road trips and I'm OK with that because I get to be with this sweet answer to a prayer.

We've hit the three month mark and I can see things are starting to get easier. She's playing more, kicking more, and smiling a ton. Those first three months were a challenge, I'm not going to lie....but man they were filled with so much unbelievable joy.

I love my fussy baby and the sweet miracle that she is :) We've waited a long time to become a family of five.

XO Danielle

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Simple Yogurt Parfaits - McDonald's Knock off...

Morning friends! I have another video from before I was pregnant. It seems I filmed quite a few things, but then baby came early and I am just now getting around to editing the videos. Today's video is a quick and easy recipe tutorial. Miss Libby and I were having a hankering for yogurt parfaits. Aren't they just the best sweet treat or quick breakfast? They make it onto our menu plan for breakfast quite often.

We used frozen fruit and yogurt we had gotten at the store. We also used plastic cups to store the parfaits in. You could totally use mason jars as well. I was just trying to keep clean up quick and easy.. Remember I was VERY pregnant when I filmed this and about to move out of state. Simple and Easy was my jam :)

Simple Yogurt Parfaits

vanilla yogurt
frozen blueberries
frozen strawberries
plastic cups

Layer fruit and yogurt into plastic cups. I used a 1/3 cup for measuring. Place in fridge and top with granola when ready to eat.

Print Recipe Card HERE


XO Danielle

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Large Monthly Grocery Trip for Family of 5 Part 1....

I started this post last night....and then had to finish this morning. 
Baby girl woke up during the editing process needing more snuggles with mama :)

Hi there! It's 9:12 pm and Miss Tallia is in bed. In fact she's been in bed for about 40 minutes, but I've been puttering around the apartment not really sure what to do with myself. I'm not use to all my kiddos being in bed this early. I'm not sure if this is just a one time thing or if baby girl is getting a bit closer to that 8 o'clock bedtime we are working towards. (my fingers are crossed) :)

Today I am sharing my grocery haul from October. This is part 1. I know I know...its November, but remember how I said I am bit behind in getting my hauls uploaded and edited? Well I wasn't kidding. I'm trying to be better at getting them out to you, but life with a baby makes that a challenge. We're figuring it out though :) 

In October we celebrated Keagan turning twelve and Halloween. We did an Asian night for Keagan's birthday and I made a Butterfinger cake, so we purchased a few things for that. We also stocked up on a few goodies as well to put in our pantry and freezer. 

We ended up spending$157.97 and we saved $34.76. I love seeing my savings at the bottom of my receipt. Below is the full cost breakdown, plus my grocery haul video. 

{Frys Grocery Haul for October}

Peanutbutter $4.69 x2
Hashbrowns $1.99 x2
Hashbrown patties $1.99 x2
Pudding packs $2.99 x2
Donut for kids 59 cents x2
French bread 99 cents x2
Butterfingers 2/$3.00
Tater tots $1.99 x2
Frozen burritos 40 cents each x10
Parmesan cheese $2.69
Sunflower seeds $1.99
Country gravy packet 69 cents each x4
Sloppy joe season packet 69 cents each x2
Sourdough bread $1.99
Tikka masala sauce $1.49
Hot sauce $2.99
Canned peaches $1 x6
Frozen broccoli and cauliflower $1 x4
Cereal $1.99 x4
Cereal $1.88 x2
Rotini pasta $1 x2
Sriracha hummus $1.49
Nacho cheese $1.99 x2
OJ concentrate $1 x6
Enchilada sauce 99 cents
Baking coco $3.34
Sweet and sour $1.19
Relish $1.99
Canned mandarin oranges 79 cents x4
Pasta sauce $4.37 x2
Cream corn 59 cents
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $2.19 x2
Country ground sausage $1.79 x2
Baked beans $2.19
Margarine sticks 99 cents x2
Ricotta cheese $2.69
Deli ham $4.99
Deli turkey $4.99
String cheese $3.79 x2
Pork loin $6.91
Biscuits $1 x2
Curry powder $3.39
Cool whip $1.29 x2

Total $157.97

XO Danielle
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