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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fry's & Wal Mart Weekly Grocery Haul #3 + Menu Plan

Evening ladies and gents! I am hopping on here to share last week's grocery haul and menu plan. I went to Fry's grocery store and to Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to get everything I needed for a full week of meals for my family of five (our fifth family member is only five months). We spent $160 at both stores. Check out the video to see what we bought and what we ate this past week. Enjoy!!

XO Danielle

Friday, January 20, 2017

Giveaway Winner...

Evening friends!! Congratulations to Kassi and Jessica for winning the "Living a Beautiful Life on Less" Giveaway. Shoot me an email (, so I can get your books sent out to you :)

Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

XO Danielle

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FOC Week #3- Plan Your Week With Me...

Evening friends!! Sunday night I sat down with my Family Organization Binder and planned out this upcoming week. Last week was crazy busy. We started some new Homeschooling curriculum, started a new co-op, and had a few church activities to attend. I felt pretty swamped, but having things planned out at the beginning of the week really helped my Mom sanity.

This upcoming week is going to be just as full, so I wanted to make sure I sat down and got a game plan ready to go. I need to know what is going on, so I can keep myself organized.

I looked at the calendar on my phone and inserted what obligations I had inputted. I then added those to my weekly planner in the binder. I also used my Homeschooling planner page (download here) to plan out our upcoming school week.

I have been trying to jot down a few extra quotes to keep me motivated during the week. I thrive on encouraging words. It really helps me to stay focused.

I also took some time to write down my menu plan and grocery list. I went shopping today and filmed the haul. I have last week's haul to share with you too. Hopefully I can knock out a few videos tonight on the editing front. Fingers crossed. ::smile:: (I got it posted here)

Check out the video below for a full view on how I'm using my binder. I'm still figuring out what works best for me, but I'm making progress and feeling on top of stuff. I consider that a mom win today :)

XO Danielle

Monday, January 16, 2017

January Weekly Grocery Haul #2 + Menu Plan...

Morning friends!! Today I am sharing our menu plan and grocery haul for this past week. On Monday I ventured out to the grocery store, with all three kids in tow. Keagan and Libby resisted the urge to fight, so they got to come along this week.

This past week I went to Fry's Grocery Store and City Wide Produce. I spent a total of $130, with $10 of that being for a church activity this week.

Sunday night I made my menu plan and grocery list using my printables I shared last week. Everyone picked a meal for the week and I filled in the rest with stuff that needed to be used up in my fridge and freezer.

Check out the video to see my full haul and to see the deal I got on produce at City Wide Produce. I couldn't believe their prices this week!

XO Danielle

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What's in my bag?

Morning friends! Today I am sharing a little glimpse of what I carry in my diaper bag.  I use my diaper bag every day. It doubles as my purse and baby bag. I cleaned it out this past week...boy did it need that! I found a card from my Mom with money in it in there. Don't you love finding lost money? It's always a sweet surprise. It was a card I had misplaced back in November. It had somehow got buried in the diaper bag. I guess that shows you how long it had been since I had cleaned it out.

I found a few other treasures and got things all cleaned out and organzied. Check out the video to see what I carry in my bag and leave your baby bag must haves below in the comments. I love getting ideas for good things to have on hand when out and about.

XO Danielle

Saturday, January 14, 2017

FAQ: Homeschool Curriculum and BIG Warehouse Memberships

I'm answering your questions today in another installment of FAQ :)

XO Danielle

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to create a budget using a spreadsheet...

Hello lovelies!! This afternoon I carved out some time and filmed a video for you all on how to create your own budget using the spreadsheet method. This is a simple way to create a working budget, that you can customize for your family. Before we get into the how to of budgeting, I wanted to take a quick minute and talk about why budgets are so stinking important.

The first reason being that budgets are your game plan for the month. They let you know how much money is coming in and how much is going out. It essentially lets you know what you have to work with.

Budgets also keep you out of debt. Knowing where all your money is allocated, let's you know if you really have enough for all those purchases you plan on making.

They also help you set and achieve financial goals. Deciding as a family to save or spend your money greatly affects what goals you achieve. Communicating and making conscious choices with your money will allow you to get closer to whatever aspirations you have this year with your finances.

And lastly, budgets give you peace of mind. I may grumble to myself and feel like I am too busy to sit down and make out my monthly budget, but I grumble a lot more when I don't. Months I don't put in the effort to be accountable, leave me further from the financial goals my family has. I like knowing where our money is going and how we're making it work for us.

Now on to the actual budget creating...

To start out you need to write down what your income is for the month. Next write down all your need to pay bills... Utilities, rent, food, etc. All the necessities of life. Save any extras, like eating out, for later. We need to first make sure you have enough money for the basics.

Once you have everything written down, check to make sure your income covers all expenses. If it doesn't you need to cut the fat....Meaning stop cable, internet, shop around for insurance, etc. Cut anything you can to keep you in the black.

Now move onto the spreadsheet. Input all your expenses and income into the spreadsheet. I like using a spreadsheet because it deducts everything for you. I have included a link to a google budget template. This is the same template I use for my family. It is customizable too! Save a copy onto your google drive, so you can use it too. 

Customize the fixed categories to meet your needs. Same thing with the variable expenses.
If you have money left over, after all your necessities are met, then add categories to your variable expenses and start allocating your money. This will allow you to put money aside for eating out, entertainment, etc.

Pick a day each week that you'll sit down and check on your budget. Make sure upcoming bills are paid and add a date into your spreadsheet for when things are paid.

Give yourself grace as you budget. It's a learning process, one I'm still learning myself. Take it a day at a time and know you CAN do hard things. The more you work on budgeting, the easier it will become. We're creating healthy financial habits this year and it all starts with the budget.

Watch the video for more how to tips and encouragement. We got this friends!!

XO Danielle

FOC Week #2- Setting goals for 2017...

Hello ladies and gents!! I feel like it's been forever. This week has just been insane and has completely thrown off my groove. We started some new Homeschooling curriculum, started a new Homeschooling co-op, and we had some church activities to plan and attend this week. My plate was feeling really full. By Wednesday evening I was running on empty. I ended up leaving the apartment in it's hot mess state (here's a visual) and I tucked myself into bed early. I ended up getting four straight hours of sleep before Miss Tallia needed to eat again. Oh my gosh it was amazing!!! I feel like a new woman.

I also had a few technical difficulties this week. The video I am sharing today is attempt #6. Six friends! Can you believe it? I was getting so frustrated with my camera. My phone was being wonky (I film on my phone) and wasn't recording the way it should. I filmed a whole 10 minute video, only to realize it wasn't filming at all ::insert pitiful sad face::  I think I've fixed the issues though and I can finally get back to my filming again. Thank goodness right!

Today I wanted to share the weekly challenge for week two of January. You can print your January goal sheet here. This week we're going to be setting some goals for 2017. We need to have a focus for what we're doing with our finances, whether it's building your savings, getting out of credit card debt, or making a big purchase like a house or car. Whatever your plans are, write them down. Put your goals in a place where you will see them. It'll keep you focused as you continue on your financial journey this year. It'll also be a fun way to check things off as you accomplish your goals.

For my family we have a few things we're working on:

1. Build back up our emergency fund
2. Build cushion for checking account
3. Set money aside for family vacation
4. Begin investing
5. Purchase a house
6. Pay off car loan

Those are our financial goals for this year. It feels good to have a focus for things we want to accomplish this year. We have some big goals, but I know we can make some huge strides this year in accomplishing them. Setting these goals re-motivates me to make do and save more.

What are some of your goals this year?

XO Danielle

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