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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day in the Life of Christina...

 photo Adayinthelifeofherbanner_zpse02d869d.jpg

Good Morning Lovelies! Today you are invited to spend a day in the life of her.

You know that gal who you might think has it all together. The mama who seems to do it all. Well guess what? She doesn't. Let's fight those lies. This new series is an effort to get rid of the "super mom"  image that we all make for ourselves in our heads. It is a time to inspire one another even more. We do not have to always have it together to be good moms, wives, and women in sisterhood!

I have invited some wonderful women to share their story with us and to be real with y'all. They will share their struggles, their victories, their frustrations, their joys, and everything in between. It may not be glamorous, but it is real and real is absolutely beautiful 

Come walk a bit in the shoes of another....


Hi, I’m Christina. I am a registered social worker and blogger but am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have been married to my husband N for 8 years and we have 4 energetic little ones: J is 6, T is 5, A is 3 and K is 1. We live in a major city on the Canadian prairies and I am excited to share a rare peak into my crazy day to day life.

My morning starts at 5:40am when my alarm clock goes off. It was a late night though so I end up hitting the snooze button a few times until it’s 6am. I quickly change into my workout clothes then sneak downstairs. I take a peak online at the clearance section of my favourite kids clothing website. Trying to keep 4 kids clothed on a tight budget is a challenge; particularly when they need clothing for such a large range of temperatures. Unfortunately, there are no smoking deals this morning so I head to the basement at 6:15 to do my morning workout. 

I let my mind wonder while I workout- I love exercising at times but this hour long video is loooooong. I’m on week 3 of a 6 week program and I just keep telling myself I am half way there. I hear my husband get up and start getting ready to leave for work then at 7:10 my oldest son J comes downstairs looking for me. I send him back upstairs to start brushing his teeth and get ready for the day.

At 7:15 I am done- thank goodness! I head to the kitchen and pop some waffles into the toaster. The sun is starting to rise so I take a peak outside the sky is beautiful!

 I pull out the bread that has finished cooking in the bread machine and am disappointed to see that it didn’t rise. I’ve been trying some new substitutions but this one is definitely getting crossed off the list. 

 I head upstairs and sneak past K’s room hoping she doesn’t see me while I head for the shower. Thankfully, her brothers are busy entertaining her and she doesn’t know I am there. My husband gave T and A a quick shower since we ran out of time the night before for their baths.

I shower, dress, brush teeth, pull my hair into a ponytail and quickly put some mascara on.  Meanwhile, my boys have all gotten dressed and my husband has changed K and brushed two of the children’s teeth. N is also a registered social worker  and he heads off for work for the day. I brush T’s teeth despite his protests. 

We head downstairs at 7:45 and I get the boys their breakfasts and make some for myself. While they settle in to eat I sit on the couch and nurse K while watching the morning news and checking my email. Once she is done I pack a breakfast for K and a snack for A in between bites of my breakfast. The boys finish eating and get their backpacks ready.  After a quick diaper change for K we leave at 8:25am. 

Usually we walk to and from the kids school while the weather allows but Wednesdays are the exception so we load up the van and head out. We moved to the community we live in specifically for the schools. Our children are enrolled in a French immersion program and I love that we have this option for them. This year J is in grade 2 and T is in half day kindergarten. 

After watching the boys head in I realize that I left something at home so at 8:40 we rush back home for me to grab it. I make a mental note to change the wreath on the front door and to weed the front garden bed the next day. Then it’s off to our local church building for some zumba. I am so lucky to have some very talented zumba instructors and pros in our church who offer a class for free twice each week. I wish I could attend both of them but with my schedule I only make it there on Wednesdays.

We arrive at 9:05 and the ladies have already started but of course A has to go to the bathroom. Once we make it into the gym A spends the next hour playing with friends while I try to get some zumba in while chasing K around. I try to entice her to sit down with snacks and it somewhat works. Once zumba is done I change K’s diaper and feed her the breakfast I had packed super quickly. We make another bathroom trip for A then we get back in the van and A eats his snack on the way home.

We arrive home at 10:30 and I turn the tv on for A and put K in the exersaucer while I have another quick shower. A tells me he is still hungry so we get some carrots and dip out and snack on those while I feed K some yogurt.

Every Wednesday I ask myself if the crazy racing around is worth it. K’s meals are messed up, I’m usually late and stressed out and my house is a disaster zone. Yet, I always come back to the answer yes though. Going to zumba is good for my physical and mental health and my kids enjoy playing with others. Plus it's only one day a week so It’s a win-win.

I suddenly realize that I never turned the crock pot on so I pull the ribs out of the fridge and turn it on hoping they will cook by dinner time. We head out at 11:05 and quickly make our way to the school. (Do you remember when a half day of school meant it ended at noon? Or am I the only one??) We pick T up as well as another child whose family we alternate the kindergarten pick up with. J is staying at school for lunch this year. Our school district charges $250 a year for each child to stay at school over the lunch hour. It's ludicrous but we decided J could stay there this year. Next year he will probably come home.

We walk home dropping the child off at his house on the way. It’s 11:50 when we get back and my house is a disaster zone. T stops to pick a tomato for us to eat with lunch.

 I quickly make the boys lunch then change K’s diaper. She’s pooped, of course because kids always seem to do their business at the busiest times!

I nurse K while the boys eat lunch and then put her down for a nap. Wednesday is one of our three laundry days each week at our home so I toss a load in the washing machine. I clean up poo #2 of the day- thank you A! The phone rings but I can’t answer it. I make myself a sandwich and check the answering machine then return the call. T decides he needs to poop at this time so I end up having to hang up after a few minutes to go wipe bum #3 of the day. (Sorry if this is TMI but it is the life of a parent!)

I finally get to sit down and eat some lunch at 1pm. The boys play with lego in the basement and I check my email again. After lunch I spend almost an hour cleaning up from breakfast and lunch.  Then I text a friend to see if she wants to meet at the playground after school. The weather starts to change this time of year so we try to make the most of days with nice weather. She texts back yes. I get cucumbers out of the fridge that I sliced the day before and can and process 5 pints.

Then I put the laundry in the dryer and check on the boys. They are playing really well together and I say a silent prayer of thanks. Some days are rough with little ones so close in age but today they seem happy so I head back to the kitchen to make some cookies. I clean up while they are cooling then give T and A one to eat. I wake K up from her nap and we all get ready to head out. We leave just after 3pm and I bring snacks for J and K to eat. My friend is already at the playground as I head to the school so I leave T and A there to play and pick J up at 3:30 from school. He eats his snack as we head back to the playground. 

The kids play while I chat with a few friends who have shown up. This is one of the reasons that I love sending my children to a community school- there are so many friends who live nearby to spend time with.

At 4:15 we head home and upon arriving discover that N is home from work 2 hours early. My husband is lying down in bed not feeling well. He is a man with an iron stomach who rarely comes home sick (plus he hasn’t touched the cookies I made) so I know it’s serious. We all pile onto our bed and talk about our day. He decides to take the kids to the basement and lies on the couch there while watching a movie with them. This means I get to make dinner without kids under foot which is a rare luxury for me. I roast some yams and saute asparagus to go with our ribs which thankfully are done. We sit down at 6pm and eat dinner together.

Once we are all done N and I clean up together and then I head outside to water the garden. It’s near the end of the growing season for us but we still have tomatoes and beets growing. I fold the laundry and give the boys theirs to put away. I spend some time doing a general tiding up and sign J’s agenda from school. We read a few books together then the kids brush their teeth and start getting ready for bed. I put a load of cloth diapers in the wash and the boys go to bed. I change the wreath on our front door and return some emails from earlier in the day.

At 7:50 I nurse K while watching a tv show and then put her to bed at 8:30. It’s a rare night that N and I are both home for the entire evening which is nice. We spend some time talking and planning. I make J’s lunch for the next day, get T’s snack ready, set things ready for breakfast, update my to-do list and put the diapers in the dryer then I catch up on our family blog. 

I head upstairs around 10:45 and get ready for bed. I read my scriptures, check on the kids, set my alarm and pull out the book I’ve been trying to get through for over a month. Apparently I don’t get much read though because when I wake up in the morning the book is on the same page as it was when I lay down. Oh well, right?

So that is a day in my life. Thanks for letting me share it with you!

Thank you so much Christina for sharing a little bit about you and your sweet family:)

Find more A Day in The Life of Her HERE 

If you would like to be a part of the "A Day in The Life of Her" series, shoot me an email. I'd love to have you!

XO Danielle 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Budgeting 101: How to Budget With a Fluctuatng Income

Budgeting 101: How to Budget With a Fluctuatng Income

Good morning Lovelies! I have another budgeting video for you all today. Today we are talking about how to budget when your income fluctuates. Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks lovelies!!

Click the picture above or follow this link to go to the video:)

XO Danielle

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Albertsons Grocery Trip - Pizza, Waffles, Pie, and More!

Albertsons Grocery Trip - Pizza, Waffles, Pie, and More!

Albertsons Grocery Trip - Pizza, Waffles, Pie, and More!

Albertsons Grocery Trip - Pizza, Waffles, Pie, and More!

Morning Lovelies! I can not believe that we are already into the last week of October! How did that happen so fast? This month is just zooming by. It really needs to slow down:) I got all my grocery shopping done weeks ago, but have yet to blog about it, so here we are today. After I had my menu plan organized and made a grocery list, I was ready to shop. I have broken up my trips into a few posts.  I'll be posting them throughout this week.

When I look at the ads and notice that a particular store is having a great sale, I have to decide whether I will price match or make my way to that store to purchase the sale items I need. For this particular trip, I was able to combine errands with a trip to Albertson. Usually I don't shop here, since they are one of the most expensive grocery stores in my area. They do however have some amazing sales now and again. This month they had a few frozen items on sale, so the boy and I ventured out and filled our cart with some savings!

Below is a run down of what I got. I also share how we use it and make it work.

What I Bought:
Fritos x2, Cheetos x2, and Doritos x 2- All the chips were on sale for $1.99 each. I saved $1 on each bag. I snagged two of each kind to add to our food storage. We love to have Fritos with Queso dip for an after church snack. Dortios and Cheetos are just fun snacks to have.
2 Gallons Milk- We still had milk left over from last month, so I only needed to purchase 2 gallons this month. These were on sale for $2.99 each.
Frozen Red Barron Pizza x6- These pizzas were 50% off. I snagged six of them to have in the freezer for busy nights. These have been a life saver this month! I A few nights this month, Hubby was in charge of dinner. While I was working with some families teaching budgeting, Hubby was able to keep little tummies fed. Having a few frozen foods in your freezer, will help keep your family out of the drive-thru. I paid only $2.89 for each pizza. My family eats two pizzas for a meal, so each meal only cost my family $5.78. Less than Little Caesars!

Eggo Waffles x4- I've mentioned before how much my daughter loves these things. I snagged a few for her, since they were on sale. I got them each for $1.49 each. I like to bury these in my freezer, so that the red heads do not eat them all at once. I am a firm believer in the out of sight, out of mind rule. It works for little kids and adults too!

Frozen Pie- Oh my gosh these things are good! This was on sale and I snagged it for Thanksgiving desert. It will be a real treat after turkey dinner! It was half off and was on sale for $4.49. These pies are usually $8.99

Total Spent: $47.15
See more monthly shopping trips HERE
See how to cut your grocery budget on half HERE
See how to have fresh produce all month long HERE

How do you shop and stay on budget?

XO Danielle

Monday, October 27, 2014

What Is Up Monday! - Updates On The Book, New Recipe, Meet the Mormons, and More!

What Is Up Monday! - Updates On The Book, New Recipe, Meet the Mormons, and More!

Morning Lovelies! Can you believe it is already Monday again? Who else thinks this weekend went by way too fast!? I know I do! I think I am in need of a four day weekend people. I feel like I am playing a bit of catch up! Dishes in the sink, laundry to be folded, and some projects to be completed. Yep a bit of catch up is in store for my Monday. While I am playing catch up, I have a new video on my channel for you. Check it out and see what has been going on with me the past week...I have a book update, a new recipe to share, and so much more in the video. Check it out lovelies!!

XO Danielle

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Car Selfies....

Car Selfies....

Car Selfies....

Car Selfies....

Car Selfies....

Car Selfies....

Sometimes when we have to wait for daddy to get in the car, the red heads and I take car selfies. I am thankful for these little smiles and little moments I get to have with them. I am thankful for Sundays and the opportunity we have to go and worship our Lord and Savior. I am thankful for the knowledge I have in knowing that God has a personalized plan for each of my littles. They both will do great things in this life. I am thankful I get to go along for the ride and see what beautiful followers of Christ these chickadees are becoming. I am thankful we have a Father in Heaven who is mindful of us and wants to be apart of our lives. Through prayer and study we can bring Him more fully into our lives. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. From my family to yours, God Bless!

"Prayer is more than words we speak to God. It is a two way communication between God and His children"

-Henry B. Eyring

Today's Inspiration From HERE

Headband tutorial found HERE

XO Danielle

Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY Glitter Elastic Headband Tutorial Video

DIY Glitter Elastic Headband Tutorial Video on Blissful and Domestic -- This is a simple 5 minute project to take your hair from drab to fab!

DIY Glitter Elastic Headband Tutorial Video on Blissful and Domestic -- This is a simple 5 minute project to take your hair from drab to fab!

Good morning lovelies! It is Friday and I am one happy Mama! Fridays are our easy day of school, leaving us plenty of time to do fun things as a family. Today however, I am planning to lock myself in my bedroom and knockout another chapter on that book of mine. It is so exciting to see the chapters coming together and developing into my little works of art. It is like writing a blog post that never ends haha! It has been such a fun experience!

This week has been a busy one behind the scenes of this blog. When I am not writing and editing that book of mine, I have been filming, editing, and creating new videos and content for this blog and my youtube channel. You all have been such an encouragement and I am so thankful for the constant support you give me as this blog develops and grows. You guys are awesome!!

DIY Glitter Elastic Headband Tutorial Video on Blissful and Domestic -- This is a simple 5 minute project to take your hair from drab to fab!

Many of you have asked me if I would be sharing craft and sewing tutorials on the youtube channel....well today I am here to say heck yes! I filmed and edited my first video for you guys today.  Today we are making simple DIY Glitter Elastic Headbands. These are so quick to make and are so fun to put in your hair. I can see these adding a fun flair to your hair this holiday season. These would also make a great gift for that special girlie girl in your life. Libby and I have both been wearing our headbands nonstop this week. We've been having a blast styling these headbands too

DIY Glitter Elastic Headband Tutorial Video on Blissful and Domestic -- This is a simple 5 minute project to take your hair from drab to fab!

Are you guys ready to make some fabulous hair frosting? Let's get started creating beautiful today!

 Enjoy Lovelies and have a great Friday!!

XO Danielle

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cooking With Danielle VIDEO- Homemade Whipped Cream

Cooking With Danielle VIDEO- Homemade Whipped Cream
Good morning lovelies! Today we are heading into the kitchen to learn how to make one of my favorite homemade items. What are we going to make you ask? Drum Roll Please........Homemade Whipped Cream. Homemade whipped cream has got to be one of my all time favorites to make at home. It only takes two ingredients and is so easy to make. Oh and did I mention that it taste like 100 times better than the store bought stuff? It totally does!

Cooking With Danielle VIDEO- Homemade Whipped Cream

Today I headed into the kitchen, with my red heads in tow, and we filmed how to make this sweet treat from scratch. So hop on over to my channel and learn for yourself how amazingly simple it is to make whipped cream at home. Your party guests this holiday season will be oh so thankful you did!

View Video HERE or click a picture above :) 

XO Danielle

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't Blink...

Yesterday evening I was searching through pictures and I got sidetracked.....I got sidetracked as I was working on a chapter in my book. I started browsing through old pictures, from a few years ago, and the song "Don't Blink" came to mind. This song always makes me cry. We used it in my father-in-laws funeral slide show. It always makes me think of how truly fast this life can go by. It honestly only seems like yesterday Hubby and I brought Keagan home from the hospital. We were newbies..unsure of what we were doing.....but we were so in love with this precious gift from God that we held in our arms. He weighed 8 lbs 12 oz and had a nice set of red fuzz on his head. I couldn't believe he was ours. Then two and a half years later we brought home Miss Priss. Another read head, who weighed 8 lbs 5oz. She was three weeks early and let me know right then and there that she would be a free spirit...doing things on her own time table. These red heads made me a Mom. They started a new chapter in my life. These thoughts struck me as a I was writing. I was thinking of all that has happened in my life that has lead me to where I am right now......and how thankful I am for every single moment God has given me. The good, the bad, the heart break, and the joy....I am very thankful for the joy...... I know that through it all He was teaching myself and Hubby.....He was loving on us too.

I am thankful for little moments....moments that remind me how blessed we truly are to be here on the earth at this time. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to write and create every single day. I am thankful for you and for this blog.

I pray today we will be thankful. Thankful for whatever we are going through...the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Remember that through it all, God is making us into what He knows we can become. I know that all the heartache I have endured, all the sadness, and all the joy and happiness has been for my own good. He is molding me into what He knows I can become.

Thank you for your love and encouragement. You truly are a blessing to me. I pray your week is a good one.

God Bless :)

Oh and can we take a look at those pictures above! When did my littles get so big. I really need to stop blinking! :)

XO Danielle
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