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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Checking in friends...

Hey guys!! I wanted to take a quick minute to let you know that all is well. Life is just crazy busy right now. Being a homeschooling mama to three, a wife, a daughter, friend, etc has kept my plate pretty darn full. Because of that I haven't had the time to blog and do YouTube like before. I'm hoping eventually I can come back to it, but I'm not sure when. I'm still active on my personal Facebook account and Instagram. I'll try to post a bit more on the Blissful and Domestic Facebook page, so even if I can't write a full blog post, I can still check in there. Thank you for every single email, comment, & message. You guys are amazing and the hugs and love you have sent is amazing! Thanks for encouraging me & hanging in there with me. Being a mother and wife is definitely time consuming, but boy is it the best gig ever. Hugs & kisses friends. Talk to you soon!!

XO Danielle

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grocery List Printable..

Happy Sunday friends!! Last night I posted my grocery haul from last week and a dear friend of mine pointed out that I hadn't yet shared the link to my grocery list printable. I totally thought I shared this earlier in the month, but I guess I didn't. Sorry about that guys. I have two different variations of my grocery list. I made this in Picmonkey earlier in the month. They are in black and white, so they're super simple to print out at home. I like to print all my papers out at the beginning of the month. I print out enough for me to have one for each week in the month. This past month I printed out five, since I've been shopping on Monday's and they're five Mondays in January.

These grocery lists have seriously cut down my shopping time. Everything is organized into categories, which makes my shopping a breeze. I follow my different categories and only go to those sections in the store. It has helped me with impulse buying too (the worst right?)

I keep these in my Family Organization Binder until I'm ready to use them. When I make my list I put a star next to items that are on sale and I list the sale price. This helps me keep track of what things from my store flyer I am wanting to purchase.

 Download HERE

 Download HERE

I hope you get a chane to print these out and make your shopping trips a wee bit easier too! :)

XO Danielle

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fry's & Wal Mart Weekly Grocery Haul #3 + Menu Plan

Evening ladies and gents! I am hopping on here to share last week's grocery haul and menu plan. I went to Fry's grocery store and to Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to get everything I needed for a full week of meals for my family of five (our fifth family member is only five months). We spent $160 at both stores. Check out the video to see what we bought and what we ate this past week. Enjoy!!

XO Danielle

Friday, January 20, 2017

Giveaway Winner...

Evening friends!! Congratulations to Kassi and Jessica for winning the "Living a Beautiful Life on Less" Giveaway. Shoot me an email (, so I can get your books sent out to you :)

Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

XO Danielle

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FOC Week #3- Plan Your Week With Me...

Evening friends!! Sunday night I sat down with my Family Organization Binder and planned out this upcoming week. Last week was crazy busy. We started some new Homeschooling curriculum, started a new co-op, and had a few church activities to attend. I felt pretty swamped, but having things planned out at the beginning of the week really helped my Mom sanity.

This upcoming week is going to be just as full, so I wanted to make sure I sat down and got a game plan ready to go. I need to know what is going on, so I can keep myself organized.

I looked at the calendar on my phone and inserted what obligations I had inputted. I then added those to my weekly planner in the binder. I also used my Homeschooling planner page (download here) to plan out our upcoming school week.

I have been trying to jot down a few extra quotes to keep me motivated during the week. I thrive on encouraging words. It really helps me to stay focused.

I also took some time to write down my menu plan and grocery list. I went shopping today and filmed the haul. I have last week's haul to share with you too. Hopefully I can knock out a few videos tonight on the editing front. Fingers crossed. ::smile:: (I got it posted here)

Check out the video below for a full view on how I'm using my binder. I'm still figuring out what works best for me, but I'm making progress and feeling on top of stuff. I consider that a mom win today :)

XO Danielle

Monday, January 16, 2017

January Weekly Grocery Haul #2 + Menu Plan...

Morning friends!! Today I am sharing our menu plan and grocery haul for this past week. On Monday I ventured out to the grocery store, with all three kids in tow. Keagan and Libby resisted the urge to fight, so they got to come along this week.

This past week I went to Fry's Grocery Store and City Wide Produce. I spent a total of $130, with $10 of that being for a church activity this week.

Sunday night I made my menu plan and grocery list using my printables I shared last week. Everyone picked a meal for the week and I filled in the rest with stuff that needed to be used up in my fridge and freezer.

Check out the video to see my full haul and to see the deal I got on produce at City Wide Produce. I couldn't believe their prices this week!

XO Danielle

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What's in my bag?

Morning friends! Today I am sharing a little glimpse of what I carry in my diaper bag.  I use my diaper bag every day. It doubles as my purse and baby bag. I cleaned it out this past week...boy did it need that! I found a card from my Mom with money in it in there. Don't you love finding lost money? It's always a sweet surprise. It was a card I had misplaced back in November. It had somehow got buried in the diaper bag. I guess that shows you how long it had been since I had cleaned it out.

I found a few other treasures and got things all cleaned out and organzied. Check out the video to see what I carry in my bag and leave your baby bag must haves below in the comments. I love getting ideas for good things to have on hand when out and about.

XO Danielle

Saturday, January 14, 2017

FAQ: Homeschool Curriculum and BIG Warehouse Memberships

I'm answering your questions today in another installment of FAQ :)

XO Danielle
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