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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Embracing Childhood...

The Cardboard Box
by Beryl Dyson

He came on a visit, a six-year-old lad,
A path he could race on was all that we had,
No toys for amusement, just a large cardboard box,
He jumped into this, no shoes on or socks.
Using a felt tip, he drew wheels without fuss,
Then made bubbly noises resembling a bus,
A throwaway plate made a fine steering wheel.
My word! When he cornered he made those tyres squeal.
We remember this lad, his vision, his fun.
Think also of Christmas and the outlay for some,
Requests and demands for all sorts of toys;
Nothing’s much hidden for a Christmas surprise.
The toy’s lie discarded, the child’s with no socks
Oh, so contented, with a new cardboard box.

So Miss Priss and Bubba are not in Christmas boxes, just boxes that held things from our latest trip to Costco, but I think the idea of the poem still remains. What joy children have when making a simple cardboard box come to life. These boxes were airplanes, cars, trains, trucks, and in Miss Priss's case she made hers a home for her dolls and even a potty chair for them. It was so much fun watching them use their imaginations and create something from nothing. Now if only I could have such an imagination when trying to making something great from last nights leftovers :>

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