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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween Festivities...

I know it is already like a week from Thanksgiving and I am just posting about what we did to celebrate Halloween. Well things have been busy to say the least around here. We have been passing around a cold here, which is currently with Bubba right now and hopefully will leave us all for good soon, My hubby built us a new computer and we have been getting used to that and then just life happens and gets now that I am through with my excusses onto our Halloween Festivities.

Friday October 30, 2009

Well to start out, the day before Halloween we went to my brother and sisterinlaws ward's trunk ro treat. Trunk or Treat is where we go to the church building and the kids get to do trick or treating in the parking lot with everyone in our church. Everyone decorates their trunks and hands out candy. It is a safe enviroment where you know everyone and know that the candy and experience your family is having is a safe one, which I am thankful the church does this. Anwyays Libby was a lady bug and Keagan was a doctor (we just used his scrubs from last year).


This was Holly and Justins trunk all decorated
The kids loved it!

There were some games for the kids and a chili cook off, which was fun. There was also a haunted house that Keagan and daddy got to experience. Keagan loved it!

 After we got home we took some time to look at all the candy the kids had gotten. The kids were so excited to see all the candy they had gotten.

Saturday October 31, 2009
In the morning the kids woke up to our little kitchen table decorated with some treats for them. About a month ago I had them pick out Halloween fabric at Joann's Craft Store and then didn't mention the fabric to them again and they forgot. I took that fabric and made them matching pajama pants, which I put in the brown paper bags. I also included the shirts they painted here. I also purchased them each a new Halloween book and some little candy favorites like PEZ. It was simple, but special and the kids really appreciated it. We then had a yummy pancake breakfast.

For Halloween night we had some friends and family over for a little Halloween party. We did it pot luck style. Everyone brought food to share and then the kids played some games like bobbing for apples (without water we didn't want to clean up them mess). It was a fun and yet again simple, but it was a great way to celebrate together as a family


 Holly, Kelsie, and Rena (my motherinlaw)

 Holly holding Kelsie, Rachelle, and me


 all the yummy food

My hubby showing the kids how to bob for apples

After all the party guest left we got the kiddos all ready for bed, what we didn't expect was an hour long light/dance show with glow sticks afterwards. They kids were having such a blast we couldn't tell them no. Miss Priss especially was entertaining and just didn't want to stop. She kept asking if she could do one more dance.

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