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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mad Science Lab: Air is All Around You

This is actually a post form my private blog but I really want to start doing more science again with my kids and being able to look back at this will hopefully inspire me and I thought I would share it just in case anyone else wants to try out this book series.

"So this year for their schooling at home I really wanted to start doing more science. I knew that they would enjoy it, but just didn't know how to go about doing it. I found some good ideas HERE.
We started with the first book on the Stage 1 book list Air is all Around You . I looked it up at the library and reserved it. These books are so neat because it helps you explain to the children the science behind it and even gives you a few simple experiments you can do with your kiddos at home, which was really fun for us to do.

We played with bubbles, blew up balloons, and did a few experiments from the book. Here is one of them we did that I took pictures of. It was an experiment to show the kids that air takes up space.

Here are all the ingredients you need
1 glass cup
1 glass bowl full fo water
1 paper towel
food coloring

place the paper towel into the glass cup and make sure it won't fall out when
you tip the glass upside down
Then add food coloring into the bowl of water

Then take the cup (upside down) and place it into the bowl of water


quickly pull it out.
The paper towel doesn't get wet because
the air in the cup takes up space.
Then put the cup in the water again and
this time tilt it to the side so air can get into the cup.

Keagan and Libby thought it was neat when they saw the
cup make air bubbles as the water rushed in.

Then take the cup out of the water and now the paper towel is wet.

This was a neat Experiment for my little kiddos and after it they began to understand the concept of how air does take up space. They kept asking to do this one over and over again they really enjoyed it."

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