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Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Goal This Past Month...

Our Goal this month has been to get to church on time and possibly with time to spare. This is always a challenge for us and takes a lot of prep time to be able to achieve this goal. The past few weeks (minus when we were home sick) we have been on time. The first week we had minutes to spare and this past week we just made it after the opening prayer. It is something I hope to strive for again in the next coming month. There is such a different feeling to sacrament meeting when you are not rushed. Our Sunday Mornings have been more relaxed and not full of chaos and whining. We have been setting our clothes out and getting up a little early so we can all have our showers and be ready on time. This seems to be working for us...I just hope it continues to. Any tips or suggestions on how to make our Sundays go a little more smoothly?

Here are some pictures from after church last Sunday:

Miss Priss wearing her Thankful headband she made in nursery

In case you are wondering why the pictures of the bubba have been few and far between lately I just want you to all to know I do try to get pictures, but he is a very hard boy to get a hold of.

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