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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas ABC's: B & C

For our letters today we started off with the Letter B. B is for Baking Christmas Cookies. We played this B game first.

Christmas ABC's: B & C

I would ask one of the kids if they could find the capital/lowercase letter and when they found it they got to erase it. Once we had a clean board we were able to do some baking.

Next we made some peppermint fudge.

Christmas ABC's: B & C

Miss Priss and Bubba enjoyed crushing all the candy canes with their spoons.

Christmas ABC's: B & C

Next we did the letter C. C is for candy. We practiced writing our letter C with chalk on black construction paper, hung candy canes on our tree, made candy canes out of pipe cleaners, & did some M&M candy color sorting. This was their favorite part, since they got to eat the M&M's afterwards.

Christmas ABC's: B & C

Christmas ABC's: B & C

** For tomorrow we are doing the letter "D" for Dear Santa and we are going to make up our wish lists for Santa and then I plan to do some science with them using the book Why do Leaves Change Color? I had wanted to do this book in November, but it took a while for it to come in at the library. There was a huge wait list so we will do it now. It actually works out well since we have been talking about fall for so long I think the kids will understand it a little more. I plan for us to make some leaf tracings as well.

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