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Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Pictures

Today we went to Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs to take our annual family pictures. I had never been to this park before and am so thankful my sisterinlaw Holly suggested it. We haven't taken pictures in over a year and we were definitely in need of updated family pictures. This state park has such a beautiful scenic backdrop that really makes all the pictures we took look beautiful. We went with my brother and sisterinlaw and we each took turns taking pictures of one another's family. It was awesome and I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out. I think we ended up taking almost 80 or so pictures. WARNING: There are a lot of pictures below ENJOY!

 My beautiful Niece

 Just a random pic of our shoes, but I think it turned out nice


 I love bubba's face in this one


 My love and I

 I love this one


This is seriously such a feat. It is so hard to get us all to look at the camera at the same time. Thank you Holly for taking lots of shots. One turned out great!




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  1. They turned out very pretty! Glad we did this together! So nice and way cheaper =)


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