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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Setting Goals for Homeschool This Year...

Setting Goals for Homeschool This Year...
These are the goals I wrote down for Miss Priss and bubba for this year and I wanted to repost them on this blog as a reminder to myself. Rereading these goals really put stuff into view for me and showed me what I need to work on more and where they are reaching their goals. I love homeschooling my children and plan to do it next year as well. Keagan will do kindergarten and Libby will continue preschool. I love teaching them and learning with them and I just am trying to not be overwhelmed, but just have fun with them as we try different things.

Here are the goals I made for them the beginning of this school year:

I would like to help prepare him as much as I can since he gets another year in preschool since he doesn't turn 5 till he stills has a year till Kindergarten and I want to help him to be ready when the time comes and for us to have fun learning and exploring as we go :>

*Recognize, say, and write numbers to 20
*Understand more than, less than, and equal to
*Addition, subtraction, and basic math problem
*Recognize where the big hand and little hand are on an analog clock and tell time to the hour
*Say the days of the week and the months of the year
*Songs, poems, and stories
*Practice beginning phonics, letter, and sight word recognition
*Write all the letters and her name using proper capitalization
*Know his address and phone number
* I also want to do some fun Science stuff. He really likes reading about Science so I think he will love this.
*Continue Article of Faith memory
*Grow Closer to his Heavenly Father and learn more about his Savior

With Libby this is the first time I will be doing stuff specifically for her. Last year I just did it more for Keagan, but Libby had fun with us as well. Now I am doing stuff for her needs, which is neat. I just want us to have fun learning and growing since she doesn't actually start kindergarten till I think August 2012. She will be a late Kindergarten starter as well, but I am excited to get to do homeschool preschool with her for the next few years.
* Establish school routines
* Learn to use scissors, how to hold a pencil and start tracing letters. Learn to recognize lowercase & Uppercase letters
* Practice Shapes and Colors
*Recognize, say, numbers to 20?
*Songs, poems, and stories
*Grow Closer to her Heavenly Father and learn more about her Savior
* Continue Article of Faith memory.

Now it is back to work and back to learning :)

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