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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is Now Official

It is now official I am going to be a home-schooler. I have been debating it within myself the past year and then openly the fast few months. I do preschool at home, but felt very much like I wanted to continue this on into next year when bubba goes into kindergarten. It is kind of crazy because I never really thought of homeschooling till this past year. I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I guess I just assumed my children would go to a regular public school. But after much research I feel like home-school will greatly benefit my family and my children. Bubba has been going to a preschool to help him with his language development, but he is now at the appropriate level for his age. Now we will begin school at home starting in the new year. I am very excited, overwhelmed, and all of the above because now it is official. Next year I will be doing the educating, which is going to be interesting, but I know with Heavenly Father's help I will be able to teach my children what he has for me to teach them. I guess now is where faith comes in. Knowing that the decision is right and then taking that step not knowing how it will all play out. I have to say I am thankful for these chances to test my faith and for the tasks that Heavenly Father asks us to do that strengthen us as a person and a family. If anyone has any tips please share. I am in research and planning mood for the new year and leading up until August. I plan to take all this time to plan for next year :>


  1. Hey Lady... I almost taught at that LDS school here in town and I would recommend the books they use. Their teachings are combine Christ's teaching with the teachings of the world and explain why things are the way they are because of Christ. They are simply fabulous and the school's tests scores far exceed those of Nevada. Let me know if you want that info... they're kind of pricey but WELL worth it.

  2. Oh you're awesome. I'm LDS and just beginning homeschooling, so I wanted to go back and see what you were doing when your older two were the same/close to the same ages as mine. You're a pro! Your strengths are so different from mine, it's fun to see different ways I could do things. I hope to keep the same perspective, that Bringing my kids closer to Christ needs to be my main goal.


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