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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Preschool This and That

I used these for the letter L this month and
we practiced finishing colored patterns
I got the template for these from here.

The magnet monkeys are also something we use to practice our ABC's. Miss Priss loves to play and sing with them. I got their template here.
Also we like to use shaving cream to help us with writing our letters. You spray some on the table and then let the kids get their hands messy, while they write letters in the shaving cream. Miss Priss and bubba love doing this and always have a good time. A bonus is then it cleans your table and leaves it smelling so nice and clean.

** I have a video of Miss Priss singing with the monkeys, but have no idea how to upload onto blogger. I no longer have an option for that when I go to upload pictures. Any help would be great :>

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  1. Cute ideas! i have no clue about uploading videos. I've been wondering though. Good luck.


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