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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season...

For a Christmas Party! 

We had a fun party for our littles this past Monday over at my sisterinlaws house. Thank you so much Holly for opening your home to all of the craziness that encompasses all our family and friends. It was to say the least crazy, but oh man did the kids have fun. Holly and I both baked an insane amount of cookies and everyone brought sprinkles and icing to share. We had all the kids decorate Christmas cookies. Our original plan was for each kid to get to bring a plate of cookies home, but those cookies didn't last long once they were decorated :> Holly then planned some cute games for the kids. They did the Reindeer Pokey and played Christmas musical chairs, which the kids absolutely loved.








  1. Thanks for taking cute pictures...between running after mud-trackers down the hallway and cleaning up sprinkles, I only got, like 2 pictures and they were pretty lame =) Ha ha!

  2. It was a great little party, thanks for inviting us. And a big thanks to Holly for letting us come and play at her house.


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