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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Present

As part of Libby's Birthday we took her to eat her ears peirced. We had decided long ago that she could get them pierced whenever she asked for them. Well she has been asking a lot lately. (See I told you she was girly). She was very excietd and a little nervous to go get her ears done. We explained to her that it would hurt a little bit...kind of like getting a shot, but after that they would be fine and would look beautiful. So off we went to the mall to get her ears done. They actually did both ears at the same time, which I was thankful for. She picked out stainless steal "glittery ones" (in her words). She did cry, but really not long. It really was like when she gets her shots done. After a few minutes she was fine and off we went to get a lemonade & hot dog from Hot Dog on a Stick. Yummm! our favorite:>

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