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Friday, January 8, 2010

Game Night: Hullabaloo

For Christmas this year Miss Priss and Bubba got a new game called Hullabaloo. I found this game at Target in the summer on sale for $11.88 (normally $22) and it had a 5 dollar coupon attached to it, so I got the game for a total of $6.88. It was such a good deal and well worth it! It is seriously such a fun game that helps kids with their shapes, colors, etc. Plus they have lots of fun while learning and they get to be silly, which my two is always a must.

Game Night: Hullabaloo

These shapes go on the floor and then the little game speaker tells you to go to a place you eat, or a square, or something red.

Game Night: Hullabaloo

When you win the round the game asks you to do things like a monkey dance, or make a silly face to celebrate you getting to the right shape.

 Game Night: Hullabaloo

 Game Night: Hullabaloo

My two definitely are enjoying this game and this turned out to be some fun quality game time with my littles.

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