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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little's Book List: January

Good Morning Everyone! I am excited to share our new book list for this month. For school we will be doing a 2-week unit on weather. We will of course be doing a lot of winter stuff during this time also. Here in Vegas it is in the forties and sometimes even 30's. Ahh! I can't believe this!! I thought I lived in the desert? It definitely does feel like winter now and this weather unit is coming at a perfect time. Anyway most of our books for this month will deal with winter and snow. I am hoping to finish off our month of reading with a field trip to play in the snow. I am going to keep my fingers crossed it works out. We should be going on a sleigh ride with some friends from church, which I think will be such a treat for my family. Well anyway onto the list of books:

I also wanted to throw in a few Valentine ones to read at the end of the month

Have a Blessed Day!
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