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Friday, January 29, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Morning Routine


For the most part I do try to stay on schedule. I think that schedules work well for us and keep things from becoming to chaotic. I do need to be better at keeping us on schedule in the morning. I sometimes get distracted by chores or just play with the kids, but this past week of trying to stay on task has helped quite a bit. Our home was less stressful and just an overall happier place.

Here is my morning routine:

5:30 ~ wake up & Exercise
6:30 ~ Quiet Time: Scripture reading & prayer
6:45 ~ Pick one household chore to do or check mail
7:00 ~ shower, dressed, bed made
7:30 ~ littles wake; breakfast & cartoons
8:00 ~ empty dishwasher, put breakfast dishes away; start load of laundry
8:30 ~ help littles get dressed, teeth brushed, beds made
9:00 ~ Chore time for the littles & then play time
10:00 ~ School Time
11:30 ~ Lunch time

Now, this is my ideal morning routine. Does it always happen? No, but when it does things are glorious! I strived for this last week and things were much easier and calmer. The kids were happier, which of course made me happier as well.

I find it fun to see other routines. It sometimes helps me to improve mine. Stop by and visit Monica and Wendi for some other routines.

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