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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Eve Celebration 2009...

I was going through pictures this morning and realized I never posted our pictures from New Year's Eve, so here they are. We went to my brother and sisterinlaws house for a night of games. We started off the night with a pot luck dinner, freeze dance, and then we all got ready for the Nerf gun fight. Everyone brought Nerf Guns and then we took over the downstairs with a Nerf war. It was so much fun and some of the dad's got pretty serious about the Nerf battles. After the battle was over we played board games and had yummy dessert. At 9pm we did a count down with the little kids and did a toast for the kdis with apple cider and sparklers in the backyard. We did end up staying till midnight, which was not my original plan, but after our 9 pm countdown for the kids the boys started playing video games and Miss Priss and the bubba didn't want to leave. Eventually Miss Priss fell asleep upstairs, but Bubba made it and we ended up staying the whole time. This is a fun tradition of our families and I can't wait for next years re match Nerf gun War








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  1. I truly admire you. How do you make that trail mix and granola?


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