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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Planning Ahead


 Planning ahead for Church:

  For this week planning a ahead was a little bit of a struggle, but we still kept at it even when things got hectic. One thing I wanted to really strive at planning ahead for this week was church. I attended a Stake Women's Conference this past Sunday. Our Stake President talked about how we should be wearing our Sunday best to church. President Shield's specified that everyone's Sunday best may be different, but when we go to church we need to remember that we are worshiping the Lord and that we should dress like it. Our Savior is the most important person in our lives. He has given us everything and when we go to church to partake of sacrament and renew our covenants with him and our Heavenly Father, we should be respectful in our attire. 
   Well this got me thinking. I came home that night and my hubby and I talked about all that had been discussed at the conference. We prayed and asked ourselves if we really were teaching our children to wear their Sunday best and what that really meant. Well, we decided that night that if were going to teach them it needed to be now. We decided on a white shirt and tie for Keagan because when he gets older this is what will be expected of him to wear. We also decided that for Miss Priss, who wears dresses all the time, had to pick out her very best fancy dress. This task was of course a pleasure for her. She loves to be fancy. I ironed all the clothes last night and now this morning we are all ready. It was a blessing when we talked to the children about our new and improved dress code for church. There was a minimal amount of groans from the bubba, who prefers sweatpants to everything else. He really like to be comfy. We explained to him how this is how Heavenly Father wants us to dress and he agreed. So now because of planning ahead we will be able to enjoy our Sunday morning together and not be rushing around searching for clothes that probably aren't clean. It is amazing what planning ahead can do to make your mornings run smoothly. 

For Preschool this week: 

My sisterinlaw found this website called Preschool and they have ready made lesson plans for preschool that include books list, snack ideas, craft ideas, etc. It is a really fun site and if anyone is having trouble planning ahead with preschool you might want to try this site out this week. We are doing the shadows section this week (lesson 2 for January). I just went onto my library's website and requested the books we didn't currently have and now I have a full lesson plan for this coming week without to much stress. Thank you Miss Holly!

Also check out Monica for more ideas on planning ahead.  


  1. Hi Danielle -
    I just stopped by to say thanks for having me over there on your sidebar. :) Your blog is lovely and your children are beautiful!

  2. It's good to know that some people still dress up for Sunday morning worship! I can't believe how casual our home church has now become. I read awhile back how the Levites bathed before serving in the temple and thot to myself, so that where the Saturday night baths came from! LOL! Blessings in your homeschool. I'm a retired homeschool mom, having only one to homeschool from 5th grade up. Have you read Christine Field's book "Homeschooling the Challenging Child." You'll find part of our story in there. Hope you had a wonderful Mother' s day!


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