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Friday, February 5, 2010

Popular Mechanics For Kids


This is seriously the greatest find we have found at the library lately. My Bubba just loved watching this and learning about all the forces of nature. He has always loved watching the science channel with daddy, but sometimes things are of course hard for him to understand, but these Popular Mechanics for Kids movies are for a child's level of thinking. They also show how they make a Hollywood snow scene and an avalanche, which he thought was awesome! He loved learning and seeing the experiments they showed in the movie. I seriously recommend this to any mom who has boys who love to learn about science and who love cool things.They will definitely be entertained!

Check your library's online catalog to see if you can request these. I checked ours and was amazed at how many they had to reserve.Bubba is anxiously waiting for more to come in at the library :>

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  1. that is awesome. I have a new love of the library. We have been wanting to start Audrey watching educational types of things too, so thanks for the tip!


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