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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

 Yesterday we had such a fun time outdoors that I thought I should share it today in my outdoor Wednesday post. If you want to see what other people are doing outdoors hop on over to A Southern Day Dreamer.

Now for our day of being outdoors we started by venturing into the jungle, formally known as our backyard. We desperately needed to pick weeds and this will actually take us a few days (this proves just how bad the weeds are), but we started in one little section and we pulled weeds and then started raking the leafs, trash (the winds has brought many treasures into the backyard), and rocks so we can create a space for the kids to have their own little garden. It was such a wonderful feeling being out in the warmth. We have been blessed lately with some great weather and Miss Priss, bubba, and myself have caught the gardening bug. We love to be out there digging in the dirt. This is always odd for me to say because before children I was absolutely not an outdoorsy person, but they have converted me :>

Anyways after we spent our day in the sun (I have the sunburn to prove it) we went over to Holly and Justins for dinner and then to hangout in their garden. Aunt Holly was so sweet and invited Miss Priss and Bubba over to help put worms in their garden. The kids loved it.

Overall it was such a sweet day spent with family. If you have not been venturing outdoors I strognly encourage you. Enjoy this wonderful weather especially before it hits the 100's (for those who live in Las Vegas).

Even Babies love the outdoors. My Niece is so cute with her scrunchy face smile
Nothing like an outdoor picnic for lunch:>

This si one section we worked on. The weeds were just covering this adorable little orange tree my motherinlaw has. The after picture below is much better:>
While pulling the weeds by the beloved orange tree I was wounded. Under the weeds and leaves there was a piece of a cactus that the wind had hidden. I guess the wind wanted me to get poked. The kids were surprised I was not crying and that I even wanted to take a picture before Grandma came to the rescue. I have to prove to my mom and dad that I can pull weeds. Yes Mom I did it I pulled weeds and have the wound to prove it :>

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