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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Denim Skirt Re-purposing

Denim Skirt Re-purposing

This past weekend I was again inspired by Disney at Ruffles and Stuff and I just had to do some re-purposing on some of Libby's clothes that had gotten to short. This denim skirt always rode up while Miss Priss would wear it and it would end up leaving her looking very immodest, so I decided it needed a change. I took the skirt and added a black and white polka dotted ruffle trim and then a fabric flower for some extra cuteness. The shirt was a long sleeved shirt from last winter. I cut it down to short sleeves and just added a ruffle of the same polka dotted material. Overall I am so pleased with how this tunred out and I was excited I finished Saturday night so she could wear it to church on Sunday. She was so happy to have something new and fancy for church! I love having a girly girl :>

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  1. Perfect! My 4 yr old has a denim skirt that does this same thing! I was planning on donating it to our Airmans Attic but now I can get a little bit more life out of it :-D ! Thankyou!


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