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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Childhood Moments: 5 Fun Facts

My two red heads are two of the funniest kids I know. They are always keeping me entertained and always keeping me guessing. I wanted to do a post on them a spotlight them a little bit.

Bubba is such a highly active, energetic little boy, who at times will be the sweetest gentleman ever. Lately he has been on super-well mannered boy duty. To the point my sisterinlaw Holly asked me if I noticed how good Keagan has been lately. Oh we have noticed. For the past week when doing chores he has not complained, but will ask me if there is anything else he can do to help me. When I ask him to help me with another tasks, he replies with "I would love to mommy". I wasn't joking he has been my super gentleman this week and I am so thankful. Here are just 5 fun facts about my bubba:

1. He loves, loves, looooovvvveeeesss, did I mentions LOVES the computer. He will do any chore, so he can have his precious time on the computer.
2. He is loving Ben 10 right now. We have been getting the seasons from the library and then we all watch them together. He loves it!
3. He loves to have crackers and cream cheese as an afternoon snack. It is his favorite.
4. He loves building castles out of mega blocks. He will ask me to do this with him everyday. It never gets old.
5. His favorite dessert right now are Popsicles (surprise right since it is the summer and all)  :>


Now onto Miss Priss. Laelty Miss Priss has been going through what I call the terrible 3's. Meaning she has more attitude than any one 3 year old should have. I mean look in the above picture and you will see the sassyness that just comes off of her in all she does. She talks all the time about everything. She makes rules for everything and she loves to dress up and pretend. She loves pretty things and will ask me to make her new dresses almost everyday. She loves girly things. Here are 5 fun facts about Miss Priss:

1. She loves dolls, especially ones of different races. She does not discriminate ...all dolls are treated equally. I love this about her. She doesn't care what they look like, but she must take care of them to the best of her ability.
2. She loves bread any kind...and dried fruit. She will beg for raisins.
3. She loves shopping at DI and trying to help me pick out things to re-purpose. She also likes to show me things that I could make for her. A true girl always thinking of fashion.
4. She loves The Little Mermaid and even wants to be Aerial for Halloween.
5. She calls yogurt pudding and pudding yogurt. Such and endearing thing :>

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