Blissful and Domestic - Creating a Beautiful Life on Less: Game Night: Monopoly

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Game Night: Monopoly

So lately bubba's favorite game has been Jr. Monopoly. He seriously can not get enough. He asks to play this like everyday. Since it is summer I have all of a sudden felt like I have so much more time to be with my kids and I love it. I don't know necessarily what changes once June hits, but somehow we have more time for play and I love it. One thing we have been doing is, much to bubba's delight, is playing monopoly. I got this game at DI for $1.50 it had all the pieces except for 2 of the game markers, which is why a farmer is standing in for my game marker. I think it adds a little more character to the game :> I am thankful for my little boy who has found a love for monopoly just like I had as a kid. I finally found someone who will play it with me non stop:>

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