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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our First Day of Summer Vacation!

Hooray Summer is here and I am so excited. I have never anticipated the summer as much as I do this year. I don't know if it is because my husband is actually here and not deployed, is it because it is or first summer as a complete family in Las Vegas, or is it just because I can not wait to get to do fun stuff with my kids all summer long? I think ti is a combination of the three. Well celebrate our first day of summer break we ventured outdoors and enjoyed the warmth of the day. Jason and Keagan threw the ball around a little. I am quite proud of the bubba and the fact he is actually able to hit the ball now :>
It still amazes me how big he has gotten this year

and then Miss Priss wanted to do a little painting outside. So while she painted a few masterpieces to brighten up our home, I re-read a favorite book of mine and tried to work on a tan...well maybe I can get my legs to a not so scary shade of white...who knows :>

Anyways our first day of summer was a blast and I am so excited the the sunshine is here to stay and that I get three months to spend with my kiddos before we start school again. hope you all are getting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather with your littles :>

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