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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Six Flags Trip...

Last weekend My hubby and I got to go away for the weekend with no littles! This is a first for us. The last time we went on a trip together was our honeymoon (almost 7 years ago). I can't believe how long ago that was, but I think between living in another state (away from all our family/babysitters), and going through deployments it just never seemed like a realistic thing. Well I decided that this year for Jason's birthday we would finally take that weekend trip. We have talked about it forever.

Holly and I devised a plan in like March. We decided we would take Jason and Justin (my hubby and his twin brother) to six flags. This seemed perfect because this was the first trip that we ever actually did with the boys (when we were dating). It took three months of saving to have the money for the trip, but it was oh so worth it. Shane and Andrea also came, which made the trip 10 times more fun. I am thnakful for the weekend we had away to just be silly and have fun with each other. Thank you mom and dad for Watching Miss Priss and bubba. They had an awesome time and we literally couldn't have done this tirp without you!

Anyways now back to our trip. We started out Friday night and all rocked it in the minivan (thats right Justin our mini van trumped your SUV on space  and comfort). I'm proud of this fact since my brotherinlaw lovingly dawgs on my mini van routinely. Anyways after a brief stop at Taco bell we were on our way to California. We had the best car ride. Just chatting it up and laughing with our best friends was seriously a great start to a great trip.

Holly and  I

Shane and Andrea

My hubby and I 
(excuse my dorky hand I have no clue what I was doing)

Seriously these guys are not only family, but our best friends.

We decided to do some snap shots in Holly's Grandmas backyard
below is also a picture of my sisterinlaw Andrea. She was like my Barbie doll Saturday morning. I got to tease her hair and re-pierced (not really but kind of) her ears for her

Saturday we spent the day at the park. I don't have many pictures because you have to store everything in lockers, so I took a few pictures and then said goodbye to my camera for the day. We are quite shinny in the pictures because in the morning the heat and humidity was quite unbearable, but it did eventually cool down.

The boys after a day full of crazy roller coasters...
can you tell they could totally keep going

These girls are my besties, my sisters, and I can't imagine my life without them.
excuse again our shinny faces, it had been hot and we were wet from the raging rapids ride.

and finally here are some pictures from our rides home. Jason drove and then the other boys feel asleep. I of course had to take pictures of the sleeping beauties in the backseats.

 Overall we had an awesome trip! Anyways I am thankful for the time we had to go on this trip with our best friends, our family. you guys make each day full of laughter and joy I am thankful we all get to be a forever family. The eternities will be full of laughs with you by our side.

One Last thing.....I didn't want to forget some funny things that happened during our weekend, so I am going to take a minute and list off some funny moments that happen so I don't forget!

1. Girls in tank tops should always wear is not cute if you don't.

2. I seem to tell my hubby he is awesome like a hundred times a day...sorry guys I really do think he is awesome!

3. Remember when you are doing handshakes you need to "shake it like a man"

4. M&M's that cost $6 are absolutely a rip off and it is ok if you annouce it in the Six Flags gift shop.....

5. Also you may not want to cut in line or you might get a "beat down" right Andrea?

6. If you eat a lot of Mayo you could die and diet soda is bad for you too :>

7. Sometimes fat men like to use their bellies as drums when waiting in line for the bathroom.

8. It is OK if a grown man giggles on a roller coaster....his brothers will find it a great way to ream him and his sisters will find it semi-endearing.

9. Sometimes going on a roller coaster can strengthen your testimony on prayer. I know it strengthened mine.

10. and finally spending a weekend with your best friends will remind how blessed you are to have them in your life.......


  1. Awwww...I love you Danielle!!! You are my besty =) We had so much fun with you guys and Shane and Andrea! Dude, seriously, let's NEVER mention "shake it like a man" again, I might die of embarrassment next time. And I still laugh to myself every time I think of the drumming belly...freaking hilarious. You forgot to mention 2 things, though.

    1. If you need to pee real bad, going on the raging rapids ride could give you an opportunity to pee your pants without anyone noticing.

    2. If you want to learn sign language and have peace and quiet in line, go to Six Flags on deaf day!

  2. I remember our trip to Six Flags! Ahh so much fun...those were the days! =]


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