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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thrifty Spending Moment: Dye your own Hair

Thrifty Spending Moment: Dye your own Hair

So my sisterinlaw and I always do our own hair. We can't bring ourselves to pay saloon prices for something we could really do ourselves. She cuts my hair and I love it because I always love what she does. Also we are confident enough and love eachtoerh enough that we wouldn't be made if one of us screwed up...we would just wear a baseball hat for a while and hopefully learn from the mistake. We are eachothers ginnypigs in the hairdressing department.

Anyways with dye we use to only do one color, but one day we got brave and watched a video on u-tube and then knew we also could do highlights. We have done it twice so far and it has come out so cute. Holly actually has a post on her blog form the first time we did it. It does take us forever, but boy do we have fun chatting it up and of course we catching up on girly movies while we do hair. This time we decided to watch twilight and New Moon, since we will be attending the midnight showing at the end of this month. Oh I can't wait...... anyways... It cost $3.99 for the actually high lighting dye and she still had developer left from the first time we did our hair. So for both of us to get our hair done we spent less than $10 and had a night of sister bonding. Yeah for Thrifty Spending!! :)

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  1. Cant wait to see what it looks like!

    Monique xx


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