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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy Tank Top Refashion

This past Thursday my motherinlaw and I stumbled upon a secret sale at Old Navy. We had been at an enrichment meeting for church when we heard a friend talking about the $2 tank sale that Old Navy was having that day. Well we couldn't pass up such an awesome sale. After our meeting we booked it to Old Navy. We got there at 8:50 pm (They close at 9pm) We each got 5 tanks for $10. The tanks are normally priced at $8.50 a piece. Can you believe that? We ended up saving $32.50! Now that you know about my fabulous deal on to the simple tank refashion. I didn't do a step by step because I figured the pictures were pretty self explanatory and well it is a very simple refashion idea. Here it goes:

I took one basic tank in pink and laid it out on the table.
I then pinned a lace trim just to the neckline and then sewed it.
It took my 10 minutes for the whole project 
(I am a slow sewer I am sure others could do it in 5)

and now I have a fancy, frilly tank to wear with skirts this summer. I think it will just look so cute with a shirt underneath or maybe a cute bolero or cardigan over it. Oh and I also wanted to share some great blogs I have been viewing lately. They are all done by woman who love modest dressing. I love the fact that these ladies have dedicated their blogs to expressing how important it is to dress modestly and how one can do this and still look fabulous. Please check out their sites:> 

 Clothed Much, a Modest Fashion Blog
Modesty is Pretty
 Welcome to the Good Life

Happy sewing to everyone this week!

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  1. as to dressing modestly- I did an experiment with my son in his later teen years. We went to one of the local eatery s where the waitresses dressed in low cut tops and well above the knee shorts, then about 3 days later we were traveling and went to a restaurant run by a Mennonite community where the waitresses dressed in below the knee dresses and necklines were at the neck. -- The results were as I had expected- modesty was "WAY SEXIER" I enjoyed getting that message across.


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