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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss Priss's First Sleepover

Miss Priss had her first sleepover in July. We had Miss Makenze (cousin) over on a Friday to stay the night. This was a first for both the girls, so both myself and my sisterinlaw Andrea were a little nervous. We knew the girls would have fun, but worried a little bit about bedtime. It turned out so well. The girls were so excited. They'd been asking for a sleepover since the beginning of the summer. We had my sisterinlaw over for dinner and then afterwards it was just me and the kids.

I had to share this picture I snapped of my cute little nephew Eastenn. 
He didn't stay for the sleep over, just for dinner.

The girls immediately had to get out all the dress up stuff 
and had to prepare for a fancy tea party.

The girls tried to get bubba to play tea party with them and dress up. He basically ate the treats they put out, but played video games most of the time with daddy.
The girls even at one point chased him through the apartment saying "kiss me Prince, kiss me!". My poor son didn't know what to do. He tried to stay away and even took up coloring so they would leave him alone, but these girls were pretty sneaky. They tip toed and then attacked him with kisses. His reaction was so hilarious. He could not believe they would do that to him. He was a good sport about it all.

To settle down we watched a little bit of The Princess and the Frog, but by this time it was around 9pm and the kids were getting pretty tired. The girls didn't actually fall asleep till 10:30pm. Ned time took a while, but seeing the fun they had made ti all worth it. Miss Priss can't wait to have another sleepover with her bestie Makenze: >

Oh and thank you Andrea for the treats. They were a huge hit during the tea party!

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