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Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome Basket...

My sweet sister-in-law made up this basket for us whenever we moved into our new apartment. It was seriously so cute and creative I knew I wanted to share it. Each item has a cute tag, with an even cuter blessing. Here is what she included in my cute welcome basket:

1 loaf of homemade bread- May there always be friends and family to share with

1 bag of orange slices- May sweetness touch even your worst days

1 bottle of creole seasonings- May their always be a little spice in your lives.

1 package of noodles- May there always be food in your home.

1 bottle of apple cider (my favorite)- May there always be reasons to celebrate

2 flame less candles- May you always find your way home

She put these all in a plastic tub. She told me she got it from the dollar store and then just fancied it up with some ribbon and fake flowers. I am now currently using this tub to hold all my bread items. I love it!

Holly also included some vinyl, with a favorite quote of mine. It now sits over our temple picture in our living room.

Thank you Holly for your thoughtful gift. You are such a wonderful bestie and sisinlaw.

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