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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ben-10 Party for Carter

In the beginning of September my nephew Carter turned 4. He had a Ben-10 themed party. It was so fun celebrating his birthday with him. We love you Carter and all the silly things you do and say. You always keep it interesting and you always make me laugh. We love you!!

 The girl's

 Ben-10 Cake

 They got to make an omnitrix paper watch once they got there.

 The kids were ready to turn alien once they had their watches ready

 Pinata Time

 I can't believe he is 4 already!

 All grabbing their candy from the pinata

Proud Mommy/cake decorator

Here are two fun things my nephew carter has said to me that I definitely never want to forget:

"Oh baby" --> he said this to me at the pool or it might have been the mall. He just came up looked me up and down and said it. Hillarious coming form a 2 year old at the time.

"I'm going to marry Jasmine"--> Yes that would be Jasmine from Aladdin. He is quite positive someday they will wed. He even gets a little red faced when talking about it. I love hearing about all his antics of how he will take Jasmine away from Aladdin :>

And again Carter you always make me smile. We love you little man!

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