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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School 2010

So Monday kicked off our first day of school here in our home. As you can tell from the pictures Keagan and Libby were very excited to finally begin school. Here are their first day of school pictures for this year.

of course bubba had to throw in some silly faces with his sister.

We made a time capsule of their first day and I wanted to post some of their answers to questions I asked them. Here we go:


1) What's the weather like today? Plain
2) Who are your friends? DeSean and Carter
3) How tall are you? 4 1/2 ft
4) What's your favorite book? Super Hero books
5) What's your favorite movie? Avatar and Ben-10
6) What's your favorite food? orange chicken
7) What do you like to do? play with my castle, play on the computer, and play     video games
8) What's your favorite color? red

1) What's the weather like today? Sunny and cool
2) How tall are you?39 in
3) What do you like to do? Play dolls, play on the computer, do kitchen stuff
4) What's your favorite book? Fancy Nancy, Eloise, Pinkalicious
5) What's your favorite movie? Dora Magic School bus
6) Favorite color? Pink and purple
7) Who are some of your friends? DeSean, Carter, Eastenn, and Makenze
8) Whats your favorite food? rice and noodles

Hope everyone else had wonderful first days and have fun with the rest of your week :>

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  1. I love your posts on homeschooling, your blog is my new go-to resource lol!!!


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