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Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods:
cooling down finally!

Things that make me happy:
Hearing my kids giggle at their own secret jokes

Book I'm reading:
Big Girl: A Novel
Big Girl by Danielle Steel

One Summer by Norah Roberts

What I'm enjoying on TV:
Nothing much right now

On the menu for dinner:

Crockpot Sweet and Sour chicken with rice and green beans

On my To Do List:

get all the laundry put away

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:

nothing really this week. Haven't had time

In the craft basket:

Clothes to alter for this winter.

Looking forward to this week:

Our Mexican Fiesta night this Friday!

Tips and Tricks:
Don't go to bed with your sink full. It can make you feel stressed in the morning. I love waking up to a clean kitchen sink. It just makes my day go so much smoother.

My favorite blog post this week: - I love all the modest clothes she wears

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):

On my mind:

Everything I still need to get done around the house today

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:

"Never confuse the will of the majority, with the will of God".

Saw this at a hobby Lobby and knew I didn't want to forget it. It just says it all right?

and on that note...may we be courageous today and have faith in Heavenly Father and his will for us. Happy Monday Everyone!

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