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Monday, September 20, 2010

Homeschool: Colors Theme

This past week our theme was colors. We talked about the primary colors and how they each, when mixed together in a certain order, make new fun colors. We did a few experiments with mixing colors, which I wanted to share. I also have thrown in some of the worksheets, a book list, and crafts we did this week as well.  Week 3 of home school down, only how many more left? :>

The Color Red

We read:

We made red collages by cutting red things out of the grocery adds.

We practiced writing our color words

The Color Purple
This book was such a fun read. The kids just thought it was so funny!
Harold and the Purple Crayon 50th Anniversary Edition (Purple Crayon Books)

 Here is our craft project for making purple:

 The Colors Yellow and Blue

Here is an activity we did that went along with  Little Blue and Little Yellow.

Give the kids each a bag with a glob of blue and yellow paint.
I old Miss Priss and Bubba they couldn't mix the colors until the colors hugged in the book. We guessed what we thought the colors would make when they were mixed. Finally when little blue and little yellow hug in the book, the kids did this:

and ended up with:

It was a fun activity to do together and it was fun exploring what blue and yellow make, when mixed together.

The Color Orange 

We made orange paint from red and yellow. We then painted  a picture of an orange.

For math we counted Goldfish.

We also made green pudding, made patterns with red foam shaped blocks, and played red light, green light. Overall it was a fun week full of exploring. 

Now I don't want you thinking that everyday is perfect and that it goes so smoothly because trust me it definitely does not. Each day is full of little frustrations and tears from whoever is acting out at the time, but hey we're not perfect. We just try to have fun learning together. I am thankful for all the support I get from family and friends as I begin this homeschool journey with my littles. It is in those sweet moments when my little girl finally remembers that letter she has been working on, or when my son can finally read some of his sight words with out getting frustrated. These are the moments when God reassures me that where I am right now in my life is exactly where I need to be. I hope you all are having fun with your littles today and have a Happy Monday :>


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