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Monday, September 6, 2010

If you Take a Mouse to School....

For our first week of school we read the book If You Take a Mouse to School.
This was a fun read for our first few days of school. The kids love all these books by Laura Numeroff. I found a few activities to build upon the story at Make Learning fun. The one activity the kids enjoyed the most was making homemade puffy paint. I have included the recipe below just in case anyone wants to make it with your littles. The paint dries into this sponge soft texture. It is so neat! Anyways hope you and your littles will enjoy doing some fun crafts together this week. Oh and enjoy the picture of Miss Priss painting with puffy paint.

Here's how to make the puffy paint: 

Mix 1/2 c glue and 1/2 c shaving cream. 
Add red and blue food coloring to
make purple puffy paint.  

Here's where to find the worksheets we did:
Science Experiment Activity
Mouse Activity

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