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Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend: Part 1 Hoover Dam

For Labor Day Weekend we decided to take the kids to Hoover Dam. It was a first for us as a family. The last time I went I was probably in junior high. It was a little crazy getting there with traffic and then the line of people once we were there was pretty long, but it ended up being a pretty fun trip. Not something I want to do again anytime soon, but educational nonetheless. We went on the plant tour, which was the cheaper of the two tours the Dam offers. We were able to take a tour of where the generators are and we watched a 10 minute video on how the dam was made, which was pretty cool. Then after the tour you get to explore their museum section, which I think Jason and I liked more than the kids. Anyways over all it was a pretty good trip. Here are pictures from our trip to Hoover Dam. There are a lot just as a warning. Hope everyone else had an awesome Labor Day Weekend!

these are generators I think

What if your job title was Powder Monkey?

I believe we were like 500 feet under ground at this point


For those wanting to go to Hoover Dam here are some thoughts:

You are not allowed to bring in ANY snacks, which I was not aware of. I was pretty mad I had to toss my kids snacks in the trash along with 2 capri suns :<

But they do give a military discount :>

Just a little FYI for you

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