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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Olive Turns One!

My friend Stevie's baby girl turned one this past week. One Saturday we were able to go to her birthday party. It was so fun to visit with friends and family we literally haven't seen since Christmas. Crazy it has been so long, considering we all live in the same city. My friend Stevie is Vegan and I will be honest I was very curious (and maybe a little scared) as to what the cake would be like. Well I was very surprised. She made cupcakes that were so good. I think you should post the recipe on your blog Stevie because I totally want to make them. Anyways Little Olive, who is now one, was just adorable and did pretty well considering she was in the spotlight for a few hours. She made out with some great gifts like any princess should, but their was one present that I think was absolutely adorable and in Christie's words was "Epic". Olives Aunts found a Danny Dinosaur Rocking Animal for her. It is so neat. I had to post a picture because I have never seen one before. It is so cool and so soft and cuddly. It also sings. Can you tell I wish I was small again and could take it for a spin, but I will refrain because I would just break it and I am not a fan of making little babies cry. Anyways here is a picture for you to see.
Danny Dinosaur Rocking Animal 

Now that I am done rambling on with the pictures and Happy Birthday again Olive! You are such a sweet girl :>

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