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Friday, September 17, 2010

Thrifty Spending Moment: Re-Purpose Kids Clothes For Winter

So I have been very much in a sewing mood. Thank goodness because it has allowed me to get started on Libby's winter wardrobe before it gets cold. I am definitely planning ahead this year, so we can save money. Some of the winter stuff has come out at Target. I purchased a few pairs of pants for Libby this past week. All under $4, which is a great price for winter pants! I then scanned through the clearance racks and found a bunch of solid colored summer shirts for $2 and $3. I snatched these up with big plans in mind. I followed ideas found on Ruffles and Stuff and Make it and Love it. All the sleeves in the pictures are leggings that no longer fit Miss Priss. I cut them at the top of the leg and then re-attached them to the t-shirts. I then let the creativity flow and embellished the shirts with whatever came to mind. As you can tell from the pictures Libby is loving her new clothes. I still have some more shirts to re-purpose. I would also like to try my hand at some winter dresses. I really like this one found here. I let you know if I end up making it. Anyways enjoy the pictures and hopefully you to will be inspired to get a head start on winter clothing buying/creating/re-purposing. Have a wonderful day!

These sleeves are actually from a 2t shirt that I 
then attached onto the pink shirt here.

I love all the bows. They are so girly!

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  1. these are amazing, Danielle! super impressive.

  2. I never thought to use leggings for sleeves. What a great idea!


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