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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haven: Day Four


Day Four of Making your Home a Haven started out great. My hubby was up with the littles and I got to sleep in a whole 1/2 hour more. I was so thankful this morning. Thursday's are usually Zumba days, so we had some cereal and got to getting dressed. Once we were all ready, we were off to Zumba, or so we thought. I got out to my car and realized the tire my dad had filled up the day before was now flat. I guess it really did have a nail stuck in it. You were right Dad :>

So off to Good Year Tires it was. I was smart enough that when my hubby filled the tire up, so we could get to a tire store, I filled my big library bag with books, worksheets, and snacks. We did a little school while we waited and munched on some dried fruit. It wasn't easy doing school in a mechanic place though. They had a TV on playing Malcolm in the Middle and my cable starved children just couldn't resist. I tried to compete for a little bit and then gave it up. I was only getting frustrated with them, which was not putting me in a good mood. In about an hour the car was ready and we were off to run errands. We hit Home Depot to purchase supplies to make these. After that we were off to the 99 cent store and we had quite an experience. We were having fun in the Halloween aisle playing and goofing around, when my daughter announces she has to "pooh". We race back to the toilets and oh my it was the worst thing I have ever seen. There was no toilet paper, no soap, people had used paper towels to clean up their number 2's and left them on top of the trash. So disgusting. We hurried as much as we could then managed to find a little bit of soup. It was horrible and my son, who did have to pooh as well, decided he would hold it (not to my knowledge at the time). We take a big breathe of relief that we never have to return to that bathroom, when my son decides he really does have to go and he has to go now. We race back to the DIRTY bathroom. That word absolutely needs to be capitalized. It was so horrible. We decided to try the men's this time, well it was actually cleaner. When does that ever happen? When is the men's room nicer than the women's? It just seems wrong. Anyways after two bathroom trips to the truck stop bathroom in the store, I knew it was time to go. I was feeling my self snapping at my children. I really hate when things are dirty. It drives me bananas.

We spent the rest of our time playing at a park, where I forgot to bring my camera. We went to story time and the kids made a craft for fire prevention week. Bubba spent most of his craft time in a grumpy mood, but Miss Priss and I tried not to let it bring us down. It is really amazing how just one of us being in a foul mood can really bring the rest of us down.

Later in the night we did our Halloween activities for the day. We made Nutter Butter Pumpkins. They were suppose to be ghost, but I didn't have a lot of powdered sugar and my icing turned out to be more of a glaze with a butter colored tint. I decided to improvise and just use food coloring and we would make pumpkins instead.  It turned out well. The kids had fun and I figure that is the most important part. We then played pin the nose on the witch. It was my dollar store find today. The kids have requested to keep it up so they can share it with their friends tomorrow.


To end I just have to share this cute picture of Miss Priss. I love her fashion sense and wish I could pull it off. The pink boots and short overalls are working for her. I love it:> Now if only they made flowery short overalls in my size, I would totally we set:> but probably made fun in return:>

Any who today has taught that not everything goes as we plan. Things happen unexpectedly and it is up to us to just roll with the punches. When we get frustrated because we are late, or the day we planned doesn't unfold the way we want, we are only hurting ourselves with a grumpy mood. We cheat ourselves out of a fun day, full of memories made with those we love. I am thankful today for our messed up plans. My littles are finally in bed, only an hour or so after their actual bedtime. The day and the fun just got away from us. The way today unfolded was not my plan, but His plan and for that I am thankful:>


  1. Hi Danielle,

    You and I sound a lot alike!!!
    I,too, have done school at Goodyear. It was difficult with all the noise, but we trudged through and the girls were happy to be done and able to play with the toys. When left from there, they were filthy! Yuk!
    Your bathroom "tales" reminded me of a job I did about 20 years ago...I cleaned the BCBS building in Springfield, IL. I detested cleaning the women's bathroom, it was disgusting. The men's bathrooms were always so much cleaner. Go figure!

    I love the last sentence of your post...The way today unfolded was not my plan, but His plan and for that I am thankful....if we all adopted that attitude...imagine what we could accomplish.

    Your daughter is precious. I am a redhead myself. But not one of my three children are redheads.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Good for you for making the most of your day! I so often let it get the best of me. Thanks for letting me see how special you made it.
    I loved your comment about your "cable starved children"! Mine are too. I could totally relate to that situation.
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. My you are crafty! Loving those nutter butter pumpkins (glaze, icing, it's all good!) I've gotten some wonderful snack ideas from all of you ladies linking up to Monica.

    Blessings to you,


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