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Friday, October 15, 2010

Repurpose: Towel Bath Mat

The Kids bathroom has been lacking a bath mat since we moved in. Buying another one wasn't really an option, so I decided to make one myself. I used a navy blue towel, I already had, and some yellow ribbon from my stash. I knew this would go perfectly in their ducky themed bathroom. Here is what I did:

 I measured the width with a bath mat that is currently in my bathroom. After that I pinned the sides under and sewed. I then sewed ribbon one each end and added a bow. This was so simple and I think it really spurces up the bathroom. From Start to finish it took only 1 Dora episode. Here are some pictures of Miss Priss & bubba's adorable Ducky bathroom. The rug just ties everything together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and Happy Crafting this weekend!


  1. So cute! Half the time I use a towel anyway, so what a great idea to turn it into a real mat.

  2. just blew my mind with this! We have been laying a towel on the floor before showers for about...dunno...years? This is genius! Off to the sewing machine...

    Oh...and that bathroom is adorable:) My daughter would love the Ernie reference!

  3. OMG that is brilliant! I admire your work! Guess I am not as up-to-date as your regular readers! I swear I have fallen in love with this blog... Breathtaking writing! You're an outstanding and talented person, keep up the individuality :)


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