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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sock Puppets

What do you do when your huband has a huge amount of these?

I mean I hate when you have a huge pile of unmatched socks. It is like there really is a dryer monster in our house. So I decided a children's craft project was just the answer to make some room in my hubby's sock drawer.

I got out the yarn, goggle eyes, glitter paint, glue and markers. Miss Priss and Bubba went wild. As you can tell even a pipe cleaner was thrown into the mix. Miss Priss had a vision in her head and I let her go at it. Such a simple quick project to do with my littles. We loved making these so much, we decided to share with some of our close friends.

We got out all the items our friends would need to make their own sock puppets and put them in zip lock bags. I then grabbed a canning jar I had, added some candy corn and ribbon, and now we were beginning to looks festive. I used everything I had on hand and came up with this:

A fun bucket to share with good friends. I hope their littles had as much fun as we did crafting that day.
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