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Friday, October 15, 2010

Springs Preserve and Rain Forest Cafe

A few weekends ago, when Jason's sister Shelly was in town, we did two things. One thing was thrifty and one things was definitely NOT thrifty. I think we liked the thrifty one a little bit more. Well let me explain about the thrifty part first. The Springs Preserve here had an Asian Moon Festival. They offered free admission for that. We were totally game for that. The kids were excited to go there. It is usually an expensive admission price, so we have only been there once before for a field trip, when Keagan was in preschool. This time was so much more fun. It was pretty crowded, but luckily we were able to find parking. The kids got to make a paper lantern, watch some Asian dances, and then the rest of the time was spent playing in the children areas that the preserve had set up. Overall it was a fun afternoon spent exploring and playing. Here are the pictures from our Thrifty adventure:

a modern merry-go-round

These sinks were so awesome

Don't worry my Mominlaw just hurt her ankle recently. No need to worry

making paper lantern

Bubba was to busy playing in their video game room to take a family picture. They have a room full of video games that are centered on teaching children to save water and power. Keagan loved it.

Miss Priss building in one of the play areas

Now onto our not so thrifty adventure. Since Shelly was in town we all thought it would be fun to go out to eat. We also thought it would be such a good experience to go somewhere new and exciting for the kids. Well we chose the Rain-forest Cafe. There were some good things and some great things. Spending time with family was awesome. The balloon animals were fun for the kids. They had a lady that just went around making balloon animals for the kids. It was a big hit with our littles. The food was delicious. Overall it was great, then the check came. Oh my heck! That was the killer. It is quite an expensive place to say the least. We had looked up prices before on-line to have an idea, but man the Internet lied. So we just had to suck it up on this one. I think it was something fun we did for a special occasion, but will definitely not be going back anytime soon. I don't think my wallet or my hubby's would survive. Anyways here are the pictures from our NOT so thrifty adventure :>

 zebra balloon animal

 kids table

butterfly balloon animals

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Yes, I have heard Rainforest Cafe is pricey. Glad you had a special dinner though!


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