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Monday, October 4, 2010


On Saturday Night my hubby and I had just put the kids to bed and were about to watch a movie when a knock came to the door. I do not answer the door once it is dark outside. It was only 8:30pm, but I get freaked out and I will walk in the other room, so I don't have to see who is at the door. I know I am weird. It is just one of the many quirks I have. Anyways, my hubby said no one was there. By now the kids had heard us talking and decided to do some investigating. Their window has a clear and perfect view of the front door of our apartment, so they took a peak. They got so excited when they saw this wonderful plate of cookies sitting in front of our door. I have an idea of who sent it, but I could be wrong, so I will not mention names. I do however want to say thank you for the thoughtfulness of delivering such wonderful sweets to our door. They were so yummy! I had to refrain from pigging out on them all at once, since I had promised two redheads they could try them in the morning. They tasted a little like gingerbread cookies with the most yummy icing in the middle. Oh man now I really need to get this recipe. Whoever made them thank you and please send the recipe my way. I so need to make these delectable treats again :>

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  1. I'm guessing the recipe is this:, made with a spice cake mix instead.

    Just guessing.



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