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Monday, October 18, 2010

Thrifty Gift Giving: Faux Make-up For Littles

With Christmas coming up in less than 70 days (but who's counting right), I thought it would be fun to post some of my crafty gift giving ideas I will using this  holiday season. We are on a pretty tight budget, so my Christmas Gifting this year will be mostly handmade and hopefully on the inexpensive side. One project I have recently done I found on Not So Idle Hands. It is a tutorial on how to make play makeup for your little girl. I couldn't believe how simple and easy this project was. It cost me only $1.99. I was able to use things I already had, so I only purchased new eye shadow brushes at Target to put inside the cases. I can just picture my little girl playing with her cousins, each of them pretending to put makeup on each other. What a sweet moment that will be. Check out Emily's tutorial on her blog. You too will want to add this to your projects to do list. I promise :>


  1. SO fun! I wanted to do this last Christmas for Grace... maybe this year. ;)

  2. Those look so bright and fun! I am sure the girls will love it. Thanks for linking it up to my handmade Christmas Carnival!


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