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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thrifty Spending: Movies & Ice Cream

So here in Las Vegas we have a dollar theater. I had never been until a week or so ago. I went with my friend Delvonna and her gang of kids that follow her  We had so much fun. They were playing Despicable Me. It only cost us $4.50 for the three of us (myself & my kids) to get into the movies. The popcorn was even cheaper! I was so amazed. We were able to go to the movies, get a large popcorn, and a hotdog for bubba all for $9.50 (plus tax). It was such a cheap outing. We will definitely be going here again. After the movie we took the kids to Burger King to get ice Cream. The cones there were 99 cents. It was a fun, inexpensive day spent with friends.

Here is the breakdown of our Adventures that day:

3 movie tickets @$ 1.50 ---$4.50

1 Large Popcorn with free refills---$4.00

1 hot dog--- $1.00

3 Ice Cream Cones @99cents---$2.97

Our total for the day was---$12.47

**Also on Tuesdays it is only $1.00 to go to the movies. 
50 cents off! Right on!** 

Who says you can't go out and have fun on a budget? Definitely not me :>

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  1. What a bargain! I didn't realise you were in Vegas. What a glamorous life you lead, Danielle!


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