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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Digs

For Halloween this year I decided to go all out. I had to stay up late the night before Halloween, but my cute children were totally worth it. I found 3 yards of material for $1.50/yd at Joann's. This gave me enough to make a pillowcase dress for Miss Priss and a tie for bubba. Halloween morning the children awoke to cinnamon rolls and a simple Halloween treat. We have a tradition of giving them a book each to add to our Halloween book library. They loved their books and asked to read them right away. After that we had to get ready for church and I was amazed how fast my children were at getting dressed, when there was something new to wear. Now if I could only get them to move like that every Sunday morning.  Anyways we had an awesome Halloween and I will be posting pictures from all of our activities later this week. Enjoy the pictures!

For his tie I used this tutorial/pattern.

This actually makes a full tie, but I wanted it to be an easy one for the Bubba to put on himself, plus I have no clue how to tie a tie. Anyways I only sewed the bottom of the tie and then wrapped a piece of material around the top to form a pretend knot. I sewed it onto a strip of fabric, then onto elastic. It was so simple and now I have a request for a sponge bob tie.  Finally something other than pajama pants that I can make my son. Wahoo!!

Have a Blessed Day!
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