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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun: Part 1

In October the first big Halloween activity we did was we went to our local county museum. This museum has a neighborhood set up with houses decked out in different furnishings from different times. There is a 50's house, 60's house, etc. It is such a fun museum to explore. In this mock neighborhood your littles could trick or treat to each house. All the houses get decorated by local schools. It is such a fun place to go to and I am glad we got to go and celebrate with family.We did dinner first at my sisinlaw's house and then we all ventured over to the museum. Here are the pictures from our spooky night

the whole gang minus the men

doesn't she just look adorable?

Makenze was the only child brave enough to take a picture with this witch.

They had the coolest homemade decorations. 
I have so many ideas for next year.


I love this picket fence

our family shot, plus my niece. So cute!

the men/brothers

More Halloween pics coming tomorrow

Have a Blessed Day!
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