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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home School: Book Appreciation Part 1

November is book appreciation month...well at least in this book it told me it was. Because of this, we decided to take two weeks and have some fun celebrating books. I picked a book each day and we did some fun activities based on those books. I am sorry that this post will lack many pictures. I guess with all the fun I forgot to take pictures. Anyways here is what we read and did:

Day 1

I got our ideas for this day from Preschool Posts

We baked some bread in the bread maker, we colored a picture of a Hen, and then we talked about the letter R.

We then continued the rest of our day doing our normal math and reading/writing activities.
Day 2

We drew a picture of a house and then glued straws onto it.

We also made a tent in the kids room to read some of their favorite books in.

We then continued the rest of our day doing our normal math and reading/writing activities

Day 3

I found a lot of ideas for this book on Make Learning Fun 
I had printed out math subtraction cards, a letter worksheet, and we made some new book marks for our free reading time.

Day 4

We had a book party at Aunt Holly's house.
Blankets and pillows had been laid out on the living room floor. All of our friends brought their favorite books to share. Each mom took turns reading and we all had fun reading and snacking in our pj's.

We also had all the kids bring some of their books that they no longer wanted. We placed them on a table and allowed each child to go home with a new book at the end of our play date. The left over books were donated to our local library. It turned out to be a fun day of celebrating books with our friends. I am thankful for Aunt Holly in opening her home to us all. Thank you!

Here are some pictures from our fun day:

 It was fun to have Hayden (who's 9) read to the kids also.
 Uncle Robert also came and shared his favorite book

 Even the babies got in on the fun :>

 we made Graham cracker books to snack on

 Here are all the moms.
The girls with Grandma Gill
It was Allison's birthday, so we ended our play date with a song and some cupcakes:>

That is all we did this past week, since Veterans day gave us the day off. We ended up going to the dollar theatre to see Despicable Me. It turned into a fun family day. 

I am excited for our week of fun and will let you know what we do. Hope you are having fun with your littles today:>

Have a Blessed Day!

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