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Monday, November 29, 2010

Home School: Christmas ABC's

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For the month of December we will be participating in our Christmas ABC's. I did this last year with my littles and we enjoyed it so much. We only made it to P last year, but I am hoping this year to make it through the whole alphabet. Each day we will do a letter of the alphabet and then do a craft or activity to go along with that letter. I wanted to share some of my ideas for our Christmas ABC's, just in case anyone else wants to join in on the fun.

My goal this month is to make it a fun filled holiday centered on Christ. He is the reason for the season and I don't want my children or myself to forget that. I am going to try posting throughout this month different things I do with my littles.

I also wanted to share that over at I am Momma Hear me Roar, Cheri is hosting a CHRISTmas series this upcoming week. She will be posting a bunch of ideas on how to help teach our kids a little more about this season and how our savior plays such a huge role. I am excited for all that she will come up with. She is very creative and has an awesome blog. I hope you will join in on making this the best holiday season yet!

Now on to the ABC's :>

A is for Angel --> We are going to talk about the angel Gabrielle and make paper plate angels

B is for the bells. We will sing some fun songs like Jingle Bells and Christmas Bells. We are also going to make some fun jingle bell necklaces.

C is for Christmas Candles. We will talk about God's light and decorate candle holders.

D is for decorating. We are going to decorate Christmas cookies

E is for Elf. We are going to watch the movie Elf and do an Elf craft.

F is for fruit cake. I want us to try our hand at baking fruit cake.

G is for garland. We are going to make some popcorn and cereal garland for our tree :> (this one was Libby's idea)

H is for Ho! Ho! Ho! We are going to do a fun Santa Craft.

I is for Icicle. We are going to make some pretty decorations for our home.

J is for Jesus. We are going to make birthday cards for Jesus.

K Kris Kringle.We are going to have these pancakes, talk about all of Santa's names, write letters to Santa, and make hand print santas.

L is for lights. we are going to do patterns with lights and then we will do some decorating outside with lights. 

M is for Manger. We are going to make this craft.

N is for Noel. We will learn this song and do a Christmas game.

O is for ornaments. I want to make pepermint ornament frames for the tree.

P is for Polar Express. We are going to do a Polar Express movie night, with hot chocolate and pajama fun. I am hoping we will invite some friends over for the fun. (hint hint Alison :>)

Q is for Quiet Night. We are going to take some quite time to read Christmas books and talk about the savior.

R is for Rudolph. I want to make this fun reindeer craft and play Pin the nose on Rudolph.

S is for snowman. We are going to make snowman fingerprint art and even play with some insta-snow I bought at Learning is fun. I would also love to make some snowmen soup and share it with our friends.

T is for Christmas Tree. We are going to make soda bottle Christmas Tree's.

U is for under the tree. We are going to practice wrapping presents and singing some fun Christmas songs.

V is for visitors. We are going to talk about the visitors Christ received when he was born and then we will go and deliver Christmas goodies to some friends.

W is for Wreaths. We are going to make some fun Christmas wreaths for our apartment :>

X is for X's and O's. We are going to send some fun christmas cards to our loved ones.

Y is for Yule log. I plan to make one that I found the recipe for in The Big Book of Monthly Ideas : Preschool-Kindergarten : The Best of the Mailbox Monthly Idea Books.

Z is for zzzzzz. We are going to do this one on Christmas Eve. We will read the Night Before Christmas and the Christmas story. Then we will be off for some much needed to sleep. Hopefully this will give us all the energy we need for our fun filled Christmas day:>

As you can tell most of my ideas came from Ramblings of a Crazy woman. I love this blog. I linked up to all of her Chirstmas ideas, but please check out all her other themes. There are so many craft ideas for every theme/holiday. Check out this blog you will be so inspired to do fun crafty things with your littles.

Anyway I am glad that I have my Christmas ABC's all planned out now.Today we start the letter A. I hope you guys have a wonderful start to this magnificent holiday season :>

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Danielle, This is so cute! I love the idea. Wish we had time to join in. GREAT ideas for each letter.
    BTW-the boys got their mail..they were very excited. They made your sweet children something today.
    Have a good Tuesday!


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