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Monday, November 15, 2010

Home School: Pumpkins

The past two weeks our theme has been pumpkins. I wanted to share some of the pumpkin themed things we did.

To start off here are some of the books we read:
Some of the activities we did were:
we made pumpkin magnets
We made some pumpkin bread
We painted paper plate pumpkins

We started to learn skip counting by 2's

 Libby is practicing counting by 1's

We finished our week off by carving our pumpkins. We tried to predict how many we thought would be in them and then we actually got down to opening them up.

Bubba was not a big fan of the squishy pumpkin insides. He actually couldn't scoop his out. I had to do it for him. He said it was way to disgusting.

Once our pumpkins were cleaned out we cleaned off the seeds and counted them. We also practiced counting them by 2's.

Once daddy was home from work we carved our pumpkins and then had a marathon of Wizards of Waverly Place Shows.

Overall we had a fun time learning about pumpkins and spending time together. Next week is Book Appreciation week for us and we have lots of fun in stored. I will let you know how that goes:>
Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Lots of pumpkin fun!
    That's funny that your son didn't like scooping the seeds. That was Arin's favorite part of our pumpkin days.


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