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Monday, November 15, 2010

Homeschool: Book Week Part 2

Do you ever start out your day thinking "This day is going to be a day full of whining and fighting with your kids", and then somehow miraculously it turns around and you realize you have had a pretty awesome day so far? Well this is how my day was today. I don't know what it is about Mondays, but my kids are always whinny and cranky with one another. They usually get annoyed at each other very easily, which of course makes me not the happiest mommy on the block.

Our day started out with them acting like it was any other Monday. They were fighting and bickering. We went to Bubba's speech class and when we got home they were still getting annoyed at one another. We had a snack and made some trail mix (thank you Tasha for the idea) and somehow they changed their attitudes. Now it could have been because I filled their bellies with a yummy healthy snack, or the fact I told them there would be no video games or TV if they didn't listen during school. Whatever the reason they turned their frowns upside down and were so awesome during school. We even finished earlier than expected. Probably because I didn't have to constantly stop to break up their  argument. I am thankful for this day and the fun we had. I am thankful for the patience my Heavenly Father blessed me with and for the spirit that helped soften my children's hearts. We had an awesome turn around Monday. Here is what we did :>

We read:

Mat and Dot from Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers 

Mat Hid from Sight Words - Kindergarten [Paperback] (Bob Books)

If you Give a Cat a Cup Cake by Laura Numeroff

Here is what we did:

We practiced our math by using these math connecting cards I got at our local children's museum. You can also purchase them on-line from amazon.

I love them because
Libby can work on placing numbers with objects
and Keagan can work on addition and subtraction

We then did our reading. These are our new sight words to go with our BOB Books.
Saw, did, do, jump, on, she, he

** Every week we practice new sight words. I am hoping by January we can start doing spelling test with these words. We did a mock test today and bubba was able to spell the four words I gave him. We have tried this in the past and the word test got bubba very stressed, which is why we have just been practicing recognizing the words. We are slowly working our way into the spelling test**

Anyways after math we read our book for the day. 
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake   [IF YOU GIVE A CAT A CUPCAKE] [Hardcover]

We decorated some cupcakes afterwards and will be delivering some to our friends later this afternoon.

I found these packets to go along with the book here. We used these for our reading and math worksheets.

Overall our Manic Monday turned in to a Marvelous Monday. I am thankful for this day that has been given to me. For the beautiful weather outside and for my family close by. I pray I will not forget the calmness I feel now in knowing we have had a successful day in school. I know not all our days will be like this, but I am thankful for the ones that are:)

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Hi Danielle ♥ Enjoyed browsing your blog. I had one of those whining miserable homeschool days today, so not fun. I hope tomorrow will be better! It looks like you had fun in learning. Happy to read about your experiences!

  2. Your Monday was much better than ours. I love the math cards....going to look for those now.

  3. So happy to hear your Monday turned out so well!
    We also have that math puzzle :)


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