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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a Little Gratitude...

Last night we had a simple activity to kick off November. I went onto and found a short, simple lesson on gratitude. We started out by reading 1 Nephi 2:7. We talked about how when Nephi and his family found their way into the wilderness, safely I might add, he gave thanks unto the Lord. I think it is important to teach our children to be thankful. Teach them to recognize God's hand, not juts in the bigs things, but the little things that happen each day. This is our goal this month. I found a basket in my closet that was not being used. I filled it with some colorful paper strips and we started writing. I think that this will be great for both of my littles to practice writing as well. Both of them wanted to write it all by them self. I just wrote the words they wanted to say on a piece of paper and then they copied it. We also read Thanks for Thanksgiving. This is such a sweet book to go along with this activity. It reminds the children and yourself all the little things to be thankful for. From thanksgiving dinner in itself to the snow and air outside. I hope you all have a chance to remember to be Thankful this season with your littles. Have a wonderful Tuesday:>

Have a Blessed Day!

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